Ramming Speed!

The Dwarf Steel Behemoth has been a long awaited model for the stunties of Mantica.  With this resin kit, Mantic has done an excellent job of producing a flavorful, exciting model.  At the Masters last weekend, it seemed that every Dwarf player had at least one!

Nice pictures on the box
The box had a large bag with three smaller bags and the chariot (50 x 100 mm) base in it.  The base was MDF - it seems that with the exception of the 20, 25 and 75 mm bases, Mantic is moving away from plastic bases.  Just an observation.

The first bag held the horns, the howda and the 'skirt'  Nice detail on these parts, and not a lot of flash.

The next bag holds some 'other' parts - I believe shoulder pads, feet, engine pieces and front guns.

It also contains the three crew members.  I really like the detail on these - and can see using them for the crew on other war engines as well.

The third bag holds the body, head and legs.

I like the head - it would have been nice to have an alternate set of horns, to represent the living legend version (or just for variety).  A pair of armor plated bull horns seem like they would also work well for this (and maybe will spark a conversion idea for someone).

Lastly are the legs.  These are all on ball joints for both the hips and the feet, making them fairly posable - however you will want to be careful when assembling these to make sure the feet all stand flat on your base (very similar to the walkers for Deadzone or Warpath - as shown here)

So another high quality resin kit.  Not mine, so I can't show you how to put it together, though it shouldn't be too difficult (positioning the legs and feet being the biggest challenge).

Because it is all fun and games . . .