Adepticon previews

One of the coolest things about coming to conventions is that companies often show off previews of new models.  Adepticon and Mantic are no exception.

First was the new Hellboy model from the upcoming kickstarter coming next month.  A pretty amazing model.
Not only did they have this in the booth, but in the secret back room at Mantic night was REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED from REDACTED.  My favorite was the REDACTED.  Not only that, but seeing the new REDACTED before anyone else was especially cool.

Back in the booth were the new Terrain Crate models.  These are from the production molds - the only difference is that they will be colored plastic to represent the type of terrain for each.

They also have some Vanguard models - Forces of Basilea

 Northern Alliance

and Nightstalkers (these new Night Stalker models are so cool, I really can't wait until the kickstarter starts shipping this fall).

and as well as some abyssals.  I wasn't excited about them, because they didn't have the new Hellequin - and the 'normal' abyssals just seem (to me at least) to be updates on existing sculpts.

At the Mantic night, they had some of the unpainted Vanguard models - and I even had a chance to go over the rules quickly and run some demos of this fast, bloody new skirmish game.

Sample rulebook and token sheet
Paladin Defender
Sisterhood Scouts
standard bearer
Gur Panthers
Shadow Hounds
Terrain & objective markers
objective marker
Because it is all fun and games . . .