Adepticlash 2018

Once again the faithful and fanatics gathered in Schaumburg to test their mettle against each other and determine who would be the Mantic US Kings of War champion.  Or this year the Adepticlash champion, as the Clash of Kings has now moved to Manticon in September.

We had a motley crew of 24 for this fantastic two day event.  Dice were rolled, gambles attempted, strategies tested and in the end one man rose to the top of the pile.

back  left to right - Kyle Przelenski, Bradley Dunlap, Bob Woodhouse, Jesse Cornwell, Russ Barnes, Jon Carter, Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy, Myles O'Neil, Stephen DeRose, Tim Akers, Shannon Shoemaker, Andrew Hall, Alan Wigness Matthew Temple, Hayden Howlett, Heri Gonzalez Joshua Lafoon, Jerry Paige, Nick Scibetta
Front - Mark Rupp, Tyler Schultz Felix Castro  (not pictured Joe Neet, Jusstin 
With a few calculations and adjustments (and wondering if Kris Kapsner truly has an Adepticon curse) we were off!
Round one is on
Hayden Howlett v Nick Scibetta
Andrew Hall in a challenge v Joe Neet
Felix Castro v Jerry Paige
Jesse Cornwell avenging his Deadzone loss against Tyler Schultz
Kyle Przelenski v Bradley Dunlap
Shannon Shoemaker v Alan Wigness
Bob Woodhouse v Heri Gonzalez
Myles O'Neil v Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy
Mark Rupp v Russ Barnes
Jon Carter v Stephen DeRose
Tim Akers v Justin Fugate
Matthew Temple v Joshua Lafoon
Though early, many lamentations were heard from the survivors as the winners crushed their way to first round victories.

The second round quickly followed for even more chaos and plunder.
Round 2
Nick Scibetta v Jerry Paige
Bradley Dunlop v Felix Castro
Andrew Hall v Alan Wigness
Tyler Schultz v Russ Barnes
Kyle Przelenski v Jon Carter
Myles O'Neill v Justin Fugate
Holy Diver v Joshua Lafoon
During the round we were even graced by the presence of the man, they myth, the legend - Ronnie Renton himself!  He came by to check out the fantastic big game set up by Blake and Rusty (only 15,000 points PER SIDE!)

Ronnie and the big board
Stephen DeRose v Hayden Howlett
Jesse Cornwell v Tim Akers
Shannon Shoemaker (who just stepped out of frame as I snapped the shot) v Mark Rupp
Matthew Temple v Bob Woodhouse
Heri Gonzales v Joe Neet
We had a break for lunch, during which Blake did a fantastic job of judging the beautiful armies.  Since this was one of the few events that required 90% Mantic models to win the Best Mantic Army trophy, only the 7 armies that qualified were judged for full paint scores (though everyone received the basic paint score - as this is an Adepticon requirement).  Pat also dropped off the new Kings of War trophies to show off.

First, second, third, best painted and best sportsman.  We also gave out Dice Hate Me (last place) and Counter Charger (Dead Middle)
 Just take a look at some of the beautiful armies on display
Jerry Paige's Empire of Dust
Felix Castro's Forces of the Abyss
Alan Wigness' Dwarfs
Russ Barnes' Undead
Jon Carter's Undead
Justin Fugate's Elves
Joshua Lafoon's Forces of Nature
Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy's Goblins
Myles O'Neill's Forces of the Abyss
Kyle Przelenski's Undead
Tyler Schultz's Ogres
Andrew Hall's Orcs
Bradley Dunlap's Elves
Nick Scibetta's Varangur
Joe Neet's Forces of the Abyss
Bob Woodhouse's Undead
Mark Rupp's Forces of the Abyss
Tim Akers' Elves
Stephen DeRose's Brotherhood
Jesse Cornwell's Ogres
Matthew Temple's League of Rhordia
Heri Gonzalez's Herd
Shannon Shoemaker's Goblins
Hayden Howlett's Kingdoms of Men
Finally, with bellies full and having been judged their worth (or at least their painting skills), we got started on round 3!

The sound of dice, the flash of colors, the smell . . .
Tyler Schultz v Myles O'Neill
Joshua Lafoon v Bradley Dunlop
Nick Scibetta v Felix Castro
Andrew Hall v Russ Barnes
Kyle Przelenski v Hayden Howlett
Matthew Temple v Heri Gonzalez
The first battle of the minor internet celebrities - Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy v Jerry (Ultimate Power Gamer) Paige
Jesse Cornwell v Shannon Shoemaker
Bob Woodhouse v Mark Rupp
Stephen DeRose v Justin Fugate
Jon Carter v Joe Neet
Tim Akers v Alan Wigness
Near the end of the day, the Brush with Death winners were announced, so I grabbed some quick pictures of the Fantasy categories
Best Fantasy Monster/War Engine
Best Fantasy Unit - Kyle Przelenski
Best Fantasy Single Miniature - Matthew Temple
Best Sci-Fi Unit
Best Sci-Fi Single Miniature - Geoff Burbidge
The troops began to get weary as this great slugfest continued into round four, and we were still completely on time!
Round four starting, and lots of people checking out the armies
Joe Neet v Shannon Shoemaker
Round 2 of the battle of the minor internet celebrities - Jesse (Master Crafted) Cornwell v Jerry (Ultimate Power Gamer) Paige
Matthew Temple v Jon Carter
Stepen DeRose v Russ Barnes
Andrew Hall v Bradley Dunlap
Hayden Howlett v Heri Gonzalez
Nick Scibetta v Bob Woodhouse
Tyler Schultz v Justin Fugate
Alan Wigness v Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy
Tim Akers v Joshua Lafoon
Myles O'Neill v Mark Rupp
Felix Castro v Kyle Przelenski
Everyone then gathered their armies, tended to their wounds and headed to dinner before a fun (and informative Mantic night), only to be back at it first thing in the morning for round 5.  Unfortunately we lost two of the players overnight

Round 5, a little too bright and early for some
You all knew it was coming - Battle of the minor internet celebrities III - Master Crafted v Master Crafted.  Kyle Przelenski v Jesse Cornwall
Heri Gonzalez v Russ Barnes
Tyler Schultz v Andrew Hall
Joshua Lafoon v Nick Scibetta
Hayden Howlett v Jon Carter
Stephen DeRose v Matthew Temple

Alan Wigness v Mark Rupp
Shannon Shoemaker v Jerry Paige
Bradley Dunlop v Tim Akers
Felix Castro v Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy
Myles O'Neill v Bob Woodhouse
Finally it all came down to the sixth and final round
Warriors, exhausted, return to battle a final time
Jon Carter v Myles O'Neill
Matthew Temple v Tim Akers

Nick Scibetta v Andrew Hall
Russ Barnes v Bradley Dunlop
Joshua Lafoon v Heri Gonzalez
Tyler Schultz (himself a minor internet celebrity, but for a different game so it doesn't count :-) ) v Jonathan (Holy Diver) Hendy
Jerry Paige v Hayden Howlett
Shannon Shoemaker v Kyle Przelenski
Alan Wigness v Jesse Cornwell
Stephen DeRose v Bob Woodhouse
Felix Castro v Mark Rupp
Finally the last die fell, and after two days of grueling tabletop warfare, we had our winners.

Dice Hate Me - Bradley Dunlop

Counter Charger - Felix Castro

 Best Sportsman - Alan Wigness

 Best Mantic Army - Kyle Przelenski

3rd Place - Mark Rupp

 2nd Place - Jesse Cornwell

1st Place - Shannon Shoemaker

Place Name Total Awards
1 Shannon Shoemaker 136 1st Place
2 Jesse Cornwell 135 2nd Place
3 Mark Rupp 133 3rd Place
4 Alan Wigness 123
5 Matthew Temple 123
6 Kyle Przelenski 122 Best Mantic Army
7 Jerry Paige 121
8 Heri Gonzalez 118
9 Jon Carter 114
10 Hayden Howlett 106
11 Felix Castro 104 Counter Charger
12 Joshua Laffoon 103
13 Nick Scibetta 101
14 Holy Diver (Jonathan Hendy) 98
15 Tim Akers 97
16 Bob Woodhouse 96
17 Myles O'Neill 95
18 Stephen DeRose 90
19 Tyler Schultz 87
20 Russ Barnes - Ringer 82
21 Joe Neet (W) 82
22 Andrew Hall 78 Best Sportsman
23 Bradley Dunlap 77 Dice Hate Me
24 Justin Fugate (W) 73

You can see the full scores on Warscore.

Overall it was a great time, and everyone is looking forward to next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .