Who is your War King

With a very short ten weeks to go, the first annual War Kings GT will soon be on us.  We are starting to get more players, and the list of sponsors is looking really great.
The thing that makes this tournament a bit different than any other is your War King.

Creating your War King is simple
  • Choose a normal hero (not a current Living Legend) allowed by your main force. You MAY NOT choose a hero of type Hero(Mon) (sorry, no upgraded dragons), nor may it be an ally.
  • A unique artifact may be created by choosing up to three legal artifacts. The rules for those three artifacts are combined into a single artifact which is given a new name for the War King. The total cost of the artifacts chosen are added to the cost of the hero. This does not restrict the use of those individual artifacts by other units in the main army force. 
  • Any upgrades normally allowed by the basic hero chosen may also be chosen by your War King.
  • The War King is given a single stat line improvement of 1 point to any stat of their choosing. The maximum Defense may NOT be increased above 5+ (however if the hero already has a 6+ defense then they keep it). The maximum Range or Melee stat is 2+. If Nerve is chosen, both the Waiver and Route values are raised by 1. This adjustment does not increase the point value calculating the value of this character.   If the War King is a spellcaster, then this point may also be used to increase the number of dice used for each of their spells by 1.
  • The War King DOES NOT need to be unlocked via a regiment/horde/legion.  Everyone MUST take one, regardless of any other heroes they take in the army.
  • The maximum total point value allowed for the War King is 250 points.

The intention is that everyone gets a free 250 point hero added to their 2000 pt list.  However there is nothing keeping you from upgrading an existing hero in your list to you War King (if for no other reason than to get the free stat upgrade!)

Here is an example of creating a War King.

Start with a base hero.  This is a Abyssal Grotesque Champion for the Abyssal Dwarfs

Abyssal Grotesque Champion  (140)
Sp - 7, Me - 3+ Ra -,  De - 5+, Att - 5, Ne - 12 / 14
Brutal, CS(2), Nimble, Regen(5), TC(1)

Combine Darklord's Onyx Ring (20), Inspiring Talisman (20) and Brew of Courage (15).
For a stat upgrade - increase his nerve to 13 / 15.

His final stats are
Sam Ple the Groteque (195)
Sp 7, Me 3+, Ra -, De 5+, Att 5, Ne 14 / 16 (effective)
Brutal, CS(2), Nimble, Regen(4), TC(1), Inspiring

Or how about trying to undo all the hard work that the RC put into controlling some nasty heroes.  Start with the De 6 Overmaster, give him flying, regeneration, extra strength and an additional attack and you have something to really worry your opponent.

Overmaster (120)
Sp 4, Me 3+, Ra -, De 6+, Att 5, Ne 13 / 15
CS(1), Individual, Inspiring

Artefact - Wings of Honeymaze (40), Medallion of Life (35) and Brew of Strength (30).
Stat Increase - AT

Master of Over (225)
Sp 10, Me 3+, Ra -, De 6+, Att 6, Ne 13/15
CS(2), Individual, Inspiring, Regen(5+), Fly

Lastly - how about a super Iron Caster

Iron Caster (105)
Sp 4, Me 4+, Ra -, De 5+, Att 2, Ne 11/13
CS(1), Fireball(6), Heal(3 - War Engines, Golems, Immortal Guard only), Inspiring (War Engines), Individual
Additional Spells - Lightning Bolt(3) - 20
Surge(8) - 15

Artefact - Mreb's Grimoire of Unspeakable Darkness (30), Scarletmaw's Fenulian Amulet (25), Shroud of the Saint (25)
Stat Increase - +1 to all spells

Caster of Iron (220)
Sp 4, Me 4+, Ra -, De 5+, Att 2, Ne 11/13
CS(1), Individual, Inspiring (War Engines)
Heal(7 - War Engines, Golems, Immortal Guard only)
Lightning Bolt(6)

These are just samples from my Abyssal Dwarfs - the idea is to get a powerful, fun hero for your force.  How you use him is up to you.

You can register for the War Kings GT here
Because it is all fun and games . . .