Sponsor Spotlight : Frontline Gaming

With the War Kings GT just under two months away, we have our second Sponsor Spotlight.
Frontline Gaming (or FLG for short) is known for their battle mats (they were originally part of company that created the original F.A.T. mats, but have since parted ways).  They now have their own line of mats (as well terrain and even some miniatures).

After I received and painted up my volcanic terrain, I realized that I needed a mat to play it on, and so I bought my first mat from FLG a couple of years ago.
Lava 1
Then before Christmas this last year, they had a fantastic sale, so I picked up two more.  First a desert type mat (which now means I need some desert themed terrain to go on it :-) ), and a swamp, which I view as fairly generic.
Badlands 1
Swamp 1
FLG agreed to be a sponsor for the War Kings GT, and shipped us a mat for a nominal postage cost.  This was one of their grassland patterns.
Grasslands 1
FLG has "upped their game" with their mats, being the first ones that I have seen that actually come in retail friendly packaging.  Instead of just coming in a LONG box with their mats in the carrying bags, they now come in sealed clear plastic bags, with a card marking the size of the mat (and providing something to hang the mat on a wall hook with).

The mat is folded inside the long plastic sleeve, with the pattern on the outside, so you can actually see what it looks like without opening it.  I would think this is much more attractive to a retailer than just a hanging black bag.
Mat in package
The mats still come with a high quality zippered bag for the consumer to store their mat.  I wasn't sure about the bags when I got my second order in, but they are in the center of the mat.  For the one they sent us, the bag is actually sticking out of the top of the mat a bit.

top of packaging
FLG has always put in a plastic bag tag with their mats.  While not needed if this is your only mat, when you have multiple mats (say for the gaming area of a store, or you are an insane TO like I am (I only have 12 mats of my own (and now 3 that are for the Ohio War Kings)) the tags help you to know which bag goes with which mat, or just to identify which mat in in the big stack of bags on the floor (so I don't grab the volcanic mat to take to my FLGS to play on with grassy terrain - bad form old bean (no, I don't know why I suddenly switched to an English accent there (at least in my mind)).
bag tag, and top of bag sticking out
bag and tag
The only drawback to this new packaging is the mats need to be spread out for a while to let the folds relax.

One thing to note is that all mats will have some slight variation in measurements simply due to the manufacturing process and the nature of the materials.  Things stretch and shrink, and I have never had it been an issue with any of the mats I have.    However the latest ones from FLG have had the largest variation of any I've seen (almost a full inch in length) however it is not significant in game play at all.  (If it were width it could affect things).

Of course, some actual pictures of the real mats:
Grasslands 1
Lava 1
Badlands 1
Swamp 1
If you are in the Chicago area, two of these (the volcano and swamp) will be in use on our (The Ohio War Kings) tables at the Kings of War Masters Championship.  Or you can come see them at the War Kings GT.

Because it is all fun and games . . .