Tree Herder

Last year (yes, 2017, even though yesterday, is now last year) Mantic set up their own in-house resin casting department, with the goal to be able to get more resin models out quicker.  One of the best uses of resin has always been big models - which in Kings of War means monsters.

One of the first monsters to come out was the Tree Herder, for either you Elves or Forces of Nature armies.

Now one issue that Mantic has with it's models is a lack of assembly instructions.  For some it is fairly obvious, but for others it can make it a bit more challenging to assemble than needed.  While the tree herder still has this flaw, they have addressed it, so at least it is easy to tell what pieces go where.

On the main body (I'm not sure why so many Treeman/Ent/Tree Herder sculpts choose NOT to have heads, instead sculpting the face onto the top of the body) there are tabs and smooth spots (not necessarily flat) to fit all the various pieces.  And each of these has a number marked in it.  When you then attach the matching piece, the numbers are hidden inside the join.  Fairly clever.  Instructions would still be nice, but even then the pieces would have to be identified and this is a great way to do that.
Number join spots
The main body has the head embedded.  I rather like the face, with big wooden (I can't help but think of the story (I have heard it is not actually true) about George Washington and his dentures) teeth.  Lots of detail with leaves and vines as well as the texture of the tree and bark.
and back
Note - I have not cleaned these up at all - so they still have bits of sprue and some mold lines on them.  This one isn't my model, so I can't actually assemble it for you (and in fact my son is going to be converting it for his army he is playing at Adepticon next year (though not for Kings of War, but I can't say any more)).

When I take pictures of resin pieces, it is very convenient to take advantage of the large sprue piece they come attached to in order to stand them up.  It looks a little weird for the legs however, as one is attached to the bottom and the other to the top - so the pictures have one upside down.

The legs fit together with the big tab, then fit into the bottom of the body with the small tabs.

ok, not I've got ZZ Top running through my head
 While having all the joins labeled is great - the design has the sprue attached near the same spot (which is what you want - every place a sprue is attached has to be cleaned off).  However this also obscures the numbering of each piece UNTIL you remove the sprue.  As such, these pieces are my best guess as to where they go.

I believe these are the arms

and back
Then you have pieces that attach to the head, as well as some small details.  I like the falcon sitting in the high branch, watching and waiting.

more nice detail
I like the feathers on the bird
There are then more branches that go on the head.  Another nice detail is the birds next with a couple of eggs in it - though I have to wonder how it stays there (with the eggs intact) as the tree herder heads into battle.

There are a couple of very small branch pieces as well.  I'm not sure if these have a specific space or can just be glued where appropriate.

Of course the kit also comes with a 50mm MDF base.  As a monster this has no problem at all fitting on the correct base size.

Dry fitting it a little bit, it seems that this is about as tall as the wings on the Dragon (or Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed), so he fits the monster scale Mantic is going for quite well.

Because it is all fun and games . . .