January SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

So with a blair of horns, a lowering of the ball and much singing of Auld Lang Syne we enter 2018. Firmly in the grip of the Frozen White Death, it is time to see what Mantic has to warm your gaming room.

Arriving everywhere the first (and only) wave of the Dreadball II kickstarter is being shipped out even as I write this.  The digital version of the rules has already been released, and I've spent quite a lot of time talking about hte changes to the Galaxy's most popular game on my blog.  The retail release is set for April, so if you missed the kickstarter you will be able to start picking it up then.

Of course with a new year, the Kings of War Rules Committee has been hard at work revising the tournament rules.  The new Clash of Kings 2018 supplement is scheduled to be released later this month.  This year they are making up for the lack of anything written by me with new units, new formations and new living legends, as well as the expected tweaks to balance out the meta.  Some of the rules were mistakenly released (and have since been pulled back), but if you are in a tournament in the next three months talk to your TO about what changes you need to make in anticipation of the book dropping.

Speaking of Kings of War (and you all know how much I love talking about Kings of War) the US Masters is coming up next month, and that seems to set off the whole tournament season around here.  I could practically fill this newsletter with the details of all the events I am planning on running or attending (so far my list is thirteen events for 2018, with more sure to come), so here is a simple list:

February 24-25 - US Masters - Chicago IL
March 2-4 - Manticon - Nashville TN
March 22-25 - Adepticon - Chicago IL
April 7 - Daycon - Dayton OH
April 21-22 - War Kings GT - Dayton OH
May 19-20 - TNT - Nashville TN - this is still a maybe
June 13-17 - Origins - Columbus OH
July 28-29 - Lady of the Lake - Duluth MN
August 2-5 - Gencon - Indianapolis IN
September - Andrew Summers Tournament II - Indianapolis IN
October - DragonFall - Chiccago IL
November - Slaughterfest II - Cleveland OH
November - Gem City Massacre IV - Dayton OH

I'm exhausted just looking at this list.  Of course the big one is the War Kings GT - registration is open at https://ohiowarkings.org .  Cost is $60 before March 1st, and $65 after.  Cutoff for refunds is April 1st.  Right now we are capping attendance at 40.  The local community has been asking for a GT in Ohio, so let's show them what we can do and sell this out!  We already have some fun surprises and swag for everyone.

If you haven't bought your ticket for your favorite game at Adepticon, now is the time.  Some of the Mantic events are getting close to sold out and it would be a shame if you missed out on a chance to play with the big boys (and girls) in Chicago!

Of course everyone now has their copies (either kickstarter or retail) of Star Saga and have been enjoying this fun dungeon crawl "in space".  The wave 2 of the kickstarter is coming in the 2nd quarter which will have new adventures and new minions to face.  Personally I'm really looking forward to the Nameless models - which are also inspiring a new Nameless faction for Deadzone as well.

Speaking of kickstarter waves, it won't be long now before we can look for the final wave of vehicles for Warpath!  Of course my favorite vehicle in the kickstarter was the Asterian Chira transport - which is the last one to be produced.  It should be worth the wait!

That's it for this time (as if it wasn't enough).  But if you can't get enough of my ramblings check out my blog at http://untilsomebodylosesaneye.net , and don't forget to catch up with the Ohio War Kings on facebook!

Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder: