Dressing up your underground

While they do seem to be everywhere, in Mantica there is no IKEA.  Where do you go to properly furnish your dungeon, sorcerer's lair or just to add that one little extra piece to your torture chamber.  Why Mantic Games and Terrain Crate, of course.

Coming out in May (kickstarter backers are expecting to get them a little sooner), the new line of terrain based on the very popular Dungeon Saga furniture is here.  The initial release has 7 standard sets
  • Dungeon Essentials
  • Wizards Study
  • Dark Lord's Tower
  • Dungeon Debris
  • Torture Chamber
  • Treasury
  • Library

as well as three mini terrain sets
  • Dungeon Traps
  • Dragons Hoard
  • Kings Covvers

and finally 
  • Dungeon Depths Mega Terrain set!

Box picture subject to change
You can see all the pieces that the kickstarter funded here , but Mantic has started to get pictures of the painted sets.  (The labels are my best guess for each set.  Figures are NOT included but only shown for scale)

Dungeon Debris

Wizards Study
Torture Chamber
mini-set : Kings Coffers
mini-set Dungeon Traps
Rumor has it that pre-orders to stores have been selling blisteringly fast - so make sure you get your order in soon as restocks won't be available until September.

Of course I'll keep things updated as I get more information, and I'll have full pictures once my kickstarter shows up in a few months.

Because it is all fun and games . . . 


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