You all knew it was coming . . .

We all know it is coming, so get prepared.

The fecal excrement is about to impact the rotational cooling device.  And if you don't believe me, just look back at last year.

I thought this was funny - I had never been in any type of meme before

Yes, the new edition of the tournament 'recommendations' - Clash of Kings 2018 is coming.  It has a release date set for January 22nd (Mantic seems to be moving to Monday releases instead of Fridays).  This book promises to have the new narrative concluding this (or, by the time it comes out, last) years summer campaign, including the new map of Mantica, changed by the campaign.  Of course this will be mostly ignored by most competitive players, as they will be turning immediately to see what changes have been made for the upcoming tournament season.  New & changed units, spells and artefacts.
MGKW14 - Clash of Kings 2018 - ESTIMATED MSRP £13.49 / €17.99 / $19.99
I can already hear the gnashing of teeth, the pulling of hair, and the clinching of sphincters as opinions explode across the internet.  However since this was not able to be release in December as originally hoped, Mantic has allowed the changes to spells and artifacts (as well as unit updates) to be included in tournament packets for those happening through March of 2018.  Mantic does not want a full public release of them however - so it is up to you to ask your TO's for the updates.

But I can give a few hints just to get you excited about the new book.  Hmmm . . .

Some of the rule changes - my poor dragon fire teams are now totally screwed.  Before their individual rule overrode the war engine rule when they are attacked in close combat - this is specifically removed.

Thunderous Charge is only loses 1 point when hindered (but you still lose all of it when disordered), so normal cavalry is boosted slightly.

Stealthy now affects Breath Attacks, Fireball, Bloodboil and Lightning Bolt (but is NOT combined with cover),

Headstrong got easier.

You can only take a single irregular allied unit.

The artefacts in the main book that were removed in CoK 2017 have returned, but updated.  (What is worse than taking something away?  Giving it back broken!)  Yeah, we will see lots of people complaining about not being able to take Keen-Eyeness on their horde of Ogre shooters.

There are now 11 new artefacts.  Remember this completely replaces the 2017 edition (even (sniff, sniff) the wonderful pages I wrote).  Sparkstone, Helm of the Ram, Blood of the Old King, and the Zephyr Crown are now gone, and some of the others from 2017 have been re-pointed or updated.  There are a total of 11 new artefacts that are not in the original book.

Spells have changed.  Each alignment has a spell only they can take, and there are four more spells any army as well (including two from last year and two brand new ones).  (For those doing the math, Blood Boil is a spell, but can only be taken if a specific artefact is taken - so you only get one per army!).  However I can see nearly every army taking Mind Fog, and I will really have to watch out for Alchemist's Curse!

Of course every army as some updates.  Some got better.  Others worse (It was already rare that my gargoyles ever got a chance to use their regeneration - now it will be even less).  Chariots across the board got better.

If you want to see all the changes, pick up the book - it is sure to be worth it.

If competitive play isn't your thing, Mantic is also releasing a new Tactics deck.  This is a way to change up your games - with new objective, condition and strategy cards.  Objective cards are drawn during setup - each player then gets a primary and secondary objective.  Condition cards may change the battlefield due to weather, magic or other effects.  Finally strategy cards are one use items in the game - giving anything from a die re-roll to allowing a unit to overrun a normal (i.e. non-individual) unit into another combat (as if the routed unit were an individual).
MGKW15 - Kings of War Tactics Deck - ESTIMATED MSRP £7.99 / €10.99 / $12.99
The card backs have some great artwork as well

If you prefer the Warpath side of things, including Deadzone and Firefight, three repackaged Battle Zones are coming in the Terrain Crate line.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Nice review. Not very interested in the competitive part of the game, but i must know the new changes so i will buy the book. I did not purchased the 2017, but i missed in some moments... and i will not loose the chance to fix that in 2018.

    You did not said nothing about the "new map" of Mantica.

    I saw a little typo in the post, "aretefacts", last word of the second paragraph.

    Thank you for your work.

  2. Great post, as usual, Mike. I cannot wait to buy the Book and cards at my LGS.


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