Undead Revenant King on Undead Wyrm

Ok, so this is a bit late, but I can't review what I don't yet have.  However with the magic of Christmas (and that my son asked for one), I was able to take a quick peek at it.

It is interesting that Mantic has switched to MDF bases from the older green plastic ones.  My guess is they finally ran out of their initial supply, and MDF is cheaper / easier to get in smaller quantities, so they don't need to stock several years worth at a time.

Whatever the reason, I know no one actually cares about the base.  The model is all done in resin from the new in-house casting facility.  The main body is one large chunk.

The body has a lot of nice detail.  I am not a fan of the studio paint jobs I have seen on these so far though.  With all the open wounds it may be a bit tricky to do this where it looks good.  I look forward to seeing some other paint jobs.

The base kit comes with two shoulder 'pads' - to plug the holes for the wings (sold separately).

These will require more cleanup though.

The body has a long tail wrapping around

And is nicely flat on the bottom to easily attach to the base

The head comes in two pieces - a head and the lower jaw

There is then a final piece to the tail - to add some extra spikiness. 

The rider is three pieces - body, left hand and right arm.  Some very nice detail here

The left hand holds a sword, while the right holds a flaming mace.  Unfortunately the head of the mace broke off - however this should be easy enough to pin back in place

The wings are a separate purchase, to keep the base costs down.  Very nicely detailed.

The wings seem to be slightly larger than the ones for the the plastic Mantic Dragon (Elves / Basileans / Dungeon Saga / Abyssal Dwarf Great Winged Halfbreed).  You can see how they line up behind my painted ones

I'd like to have assembled pictures, but this has to go back in the box (with the wings) so my son can open it on Christmas morning!

While a very nice looking kit, it isn't fantastic enough for me to replace the one I painted up this past year for my Undead demo army (when I discovered that both balefire catapults were missing (I still have not found them)).  No, it isn't Mantic (it is from Fantasy Flight - a Carrion Lancer from the Runewars game I got as part of my swag bag at Adepticon last year).

It definitely seems to fit an undead wyrm.

Because it is all fun and games . . .