Open Day November 2018

Once again the gates of Ronnie Renton's Miniature Factory open to a lucky few who found a golden ticket when unwrapping a scrumptious box of miniatures.  These lucky few got to see the secrets behind their favorite games on an exclusive day of fun and excitement, spending a wonderful day in this place of pure imagination where wondrous dreams come true

Or you know, you could have just bought a ticket of the website.

Those of us who are instead stuck an ocean and unable to make to the center of the wargaming universe have to instead be satisfied with pictures.

Several of these were posted in their respective Kickstarter updates, and others on the Mantic blog.  Of course our friend on twitter FistyGlueMan always has some great pictures as well.

There didn't seem to be any (public) revelations - most everything had been seen in one form or another already.

So we'll start with the latest and greatest - Kings of War Vanguard.  They had some 3d print prototypes of the terrain and models for the newest of their games that won't even be shipping until late next year.

Painted versions of many of the Terrain Crate models were there as well

The Star Saga kickstarter boat docked last week, and the warehouse is quickly working on getting these labeled and shipped out.  They of course had some pictures of the painted models from the game:

Dreadball fans and backers of the Dreadball II kickstarter have been waiting a long time for this, but the game is on the water and should arrive at Mantic HQ just before Christmas (though I doubt we would see it in the states before the new year)

Warpath wave II has completed, and now we are just waiting for the GCPS and Asterian vehicles.  They had some some painted models, and a prototype of the mule (as well as some of the newest retail releases):

The Walking Dead: All Out War is one of the biggest hits for Mantic, and they have started making their own MDF terrain kits for the game.  Each of these fits the play mats, and gives you a great 3d environment for your games.  The prison is the latest of these kits:

Lastly, there were painted versions of next month's releases for Kings of War as well - the Undead Lord on Undead Dragon, and Fire Elementals (both normal and the greater version):

I'd love to share some of the other secrets that Ronnie let slip during his seminar - but so far I've yet to see anyone post a video of it.

Because it is all fun and games . . .