November SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Halloween is over and turkeys throughout the country are running scared.  The weather is cooling off, and snowflakes will soon be in the air.

So what is the best thing to do this fall.  Why come out and try Star Saga, of course.  The game is on the boat heading, even as we speak, to the Mantic headquarters where they will be slapping shipping labels on the boxes and sending out the kickstarters as soon as they come in (ok, within a day or so).  The game should be hitting retail as well in time for Christmas.

But you, like most gamers, are impatient, and don't want to wait.  Fear not, because your friendly neighborhood pathfinder is waiting (as I write this) to go pick up his demo copy from the Fedex office this evening.  I'll be scheduling demos all around - watch the Ohio War Kings facebook page for them to crop up.  In fact I plan to take it with me tomorrow night to Epic Loot for our weekly game night!

Speaking of Epic Loot - you have signed up for the 3rd annual Gem City Massacre, held again at Epic Loot on December 2nd.  Our own Kara Brown has volunteered to run it this year, so look for all kinds of fun surprises.  We were able to reserve the entire miniaute room, which allowed us to increase our capacity to 24 (and last time I checked, there were still 4 slots open).  This will be a 3 round, 2000 pt event, and the Edge of the Abyss living legends are allowed.  Not only that, since not all armies got living legends, if you don't take a living legend in your main list, you can take ONE of the Edge of the Abyss living legends in your ally list (if you take an ally).  So your Ratkin force could ally Abyssal Dwarfs, taking a horde of Lesser Obsidian Golems and Infernok.  Or you Brotherhood could ally in Trident Realms, taking a horde of placoderms to unlock Eckter!

Also, there are still a couple of spots open for Slaughterfest up in Cleveland on the 11th.

If you are of the more sci-fi orientation (and we accept everyone here, regardless of their gaming orientation (well except furries - nobody likes furries)) the final shipments for the Warpath Wave 2 kickstarter, consisting of Veer-myn Tunnelers, Veer-myn tunnel runners, Forge Father Half-Tracks and Forge-Father Tanks are arriving everywhere.  I've been going over these new vehicles - check out the blog for more.

I really want to announce the Dayton area GT - but the hotel is taking it's sweet time to get me a copy of the contract, and I don't want to get anyone committing to anything (including myself) until I have everything locked down.

Dreadball 2 has been silent but is still planned to ship to kickstarter backers before the end of the year.  Deadzone is also quiet as people are absorbing the new GCPS rules (and models) as well as the changes to the Asterian rules.

Of course we still have our wonderful and exciting merchandise (i.e. crap with our logo on it) available at our web site -!  

I continue to find something to drone on about on my blog - head over to to see the new (and hopefully improved) format.  Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, both good and bad (I can't fix what I don't know is broken after all).

And remember in this time of harvest and celebration to give thanks for your friends and family (and I'm giving special thanks to the latest addition to my family - my first granddaughter, Morgan Diane Lukkason, born on November 1st) because while Mantica and the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere are nice to visit to relax and let off steam - we do have to come back to the real world once in a while.

Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder: