Spotted in the wild

Pre-orders for Star Saga have been spotted - over at Darksphere in the UK, so we should soon see these everywhere.
Guide a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen technology from a highly guarded research facility deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras.

In Star Saga you’ll take on platoons of minions and powerful alien bosses. You will quickly discover there’s more to your mission than a simple case of corporate espionage.


  • 6 Plastic Mercenary Miniatures
  • 5 Plastic Boss Miniatures
  • 24 Plastic Minions
  • 10 Plastic Doors
  • 26 Plastic Scenery Items
  • 33 Double Sided Card Tiles
  • Card Counters and Templates
  • 10 unique Attack and Defence Dice
  • Over 130 Cards
  • Core Rulebook
  • And Eiras Contract Mission Book

Pre-orders received before November 15 will come with the free limited retail edition Kira mercenary figure, as well as her character card.

Their price is £50.99 (£9.00 less than the RRP) (and for those of us in the US that is $67.25 (vs $79.99 RRP)

The release date listed is December 8th - just in time for Christmas!

Contact your Friendly Local Mantic Pathfinder - as they may be holding demos of this new space dungeon crawler near you soon (I know I am planning several).

Of course on the kickstarter page Mantic has been slowly releasing some promotional pictures for the game

What is even cooler is Rob Jenx, the concept artist for Star Saga, has been releasing concept pictures of a lot of the aliens for the game (as well as some cover art) over on his facebook page - and with the release imminent it seemed like a good time to gather those together.
Cover Art for "Retake Blackstar Station" expansion
Cover art for "Terror in the Deep" expansion
Tsdudochan Monk
Ector Zanchez

Orc Assasin
Rin Gunslinger
Sorak Berserker
Rebel Sphyr
Nameless 'crab guy'
Nameless 'critter'
The Blight

The Goliath
Nameless Ogre/Brute
The Terror
Nameless Rifleman
Nameless Assassin
Nameless Gunslinger
Because it is all fun and games . . .