Preparing the Way

Ronnie mentioned it a little while ago, and now the Mantic Blog is going to be talking about it all week.  Yes, Vanguard is coming.

For the first couple of weeks this month, Mantic did some teasing with letters from Sister Aurelia on their facebook page.  In case you missed them, you can read them below

And in their blog post, they give a picture of a Basilean sister - is this Aurelia herself?  And what could these horrors be that she is facing?

Vanguard is set in Mantica, and is a new skirmish game set around the idea of a scouting party sent out from the main army of a Kings of War faction.  This could be before a battle or afterward.  It will be highly scenario driven, and all the miniatures will be fully compatible with both Kings of War and Dungeon Saga!

Miniatures will all be on square bases (meaning they have a facing, and as such have front and back arcs), and if you know Kings of War, you know that getting attacked from behind is always bad.

You will have grizzled veteran heroes accompanied by specialists such as spell casters, as well as some as less experienced (and thus less valuable) troops (and maybe an occasionally bigger beastie as well).

The kickstarter for this should be kicking off sometime this month, and it has promised to include alpha rules (and sample warbands) for playtesting during the campaign (so you can get a taste of what the game is going to be like), followed by a beta set of rules that will be open to the public before the book(s) are finalized.

And they have hinted that this kickstarter will including new REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED as well as REDACTED REDACTED, which we have all been waiting for.

Because it is all fun and games . . .