Is it cold out here?

It is getting to be that time of year again.  Before you know it, the frozen white death will begin falling from the sky, and we will be huddled inside playing more games.

THMiniatures took a poll, and the choice for their third scenery kickstarter was Snow!  So if you want to pick up some high quality resin winter scenery, now is your chance.

I've backed both their previous kickstarters, (you can see how I painted up some of their stuff here and here) and have been very happy with them.  Each of these has a big centerpiece, and this is no exception.  The old chapel has a removable floor revealing the basement within.  This is similar to both their previous large pieces, the Pit+Grave and (to a smaller extent) The Dark Altar.

THMiniatures are also doing a couple of other interesting pieces - another one I am definitely getting is the Frozen Lake.  An interesting piece which I plan to have as flat (so only provides cover if you are IN it, not behind it) difficult terrain for my Kings of War tournaments.
I also like the ruined tower.  It appears to be the same style as their other ruins (which is great), even having a staircase inside.
If you have ever played at one of my tables, I always have a couple of obstacles (if for no other reason than to give some protection against armies that all have Pathfinder as their special rule), and they have both a large and 'normal' ice wall (with a small one as a stretch goal for those pledging at the Master and Paragon levels.

They also have some cool fortified walls, a frozen fountain, a huge ice chunk and even a large frozen crystal that could make a great scenario objective marker.
THMiniatures does their kickstarters a little different than some.  While they do have a few pledge levels (Fighter, Master and Paragon), but you aren't pledging for specific items - instead pledging amounts and then you are able to pick out the exact pieces you want for your pledge in their pledge manager.  (In addition, if you pledge at the Master or Paragon level, then one of the stretch goals is special prices on their previous kickstarter models).

Fighter level gets a few extra models, Master level will give access to more, and Paragon level gives access to ALL the free models unlocked during the campaign.  Of course the number of free models all depends on what funding levels and stretch goals they can reach.

Plus the campaign is actually from Canada - so the pledge amounts are in Loonies - it's almost like it isn't even real money :-) It is nice to feel like you are getting more for you money (as opposed to those pledges in Euros (or UK Pounds Sterling), which just get depressing seeing your amount go up instead of down).

The campaign goes until October 24th.  Plus the first 20 Master and 20 Paragon pledges will ship in February next year instead of May!

( And if anyone thinks I am only writing this to get referral bonuses - there are none.  I just really like their stuff, and have been very happy with the previous two kickstarters, and there customer service has been excellent when I had a slight mispack on an item).

So click the nice kickstarter widget below and get yourself some snow!

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. I'm right there with you, 3 created, 3 backed and I picked up the Hordes set separately. They're a treat to paint and fantastic looking on the table


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