THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer

I don't know about others, but my hobby area is a bit of a mess.  It seems to be slowly spreading out and taking more and more space, and there isn't a place to keep everything.

I picked up some paint racks from Impudent Mortal and love them, but they aren't enough.  I've filled two and still have more dropper bottle paints, plus other odd shaped ones.  I have a rack for my brushes/tools, but it is often overflowing.

To top it off, my hobby area is a corner of the dining room table.  So that means when the kids come over for dinner, I have to clean everything off and get it out of the way - not a trivial feat at this point. (It really came  home when we just got a new table)

I had seen this kickstarter before, but it wasn't until I was moving all the crap with the new table that it really hit me how useful this might be.

The idea is modular storage components that fit into units that hang from the wall.  Each wall unit holds four modules - each side holds either two vertical or horizontal units.

wall unit
wall unit with 4 modules in it (screen capture - because there isn't a nice picture of a loaded wall unit on the kickstarter page
There is a wide variety of modules as well.  There are paint racks for dropper bottles (both top out or reversed (top in), as well as racks for paint pots or craft paints.  All of these come in either vertical or horizontal designs.

vertical dropper bottle rack
horizontal dropper bottle rack
horizontal reverse dropper bottle rack
vertical pot rack
horizontal craft paint rack
There are also a variety of tool modules, as well as a special vertical brush rack.

vertical drawers
horizontal drawers
Tool caddy with three drawers
brush rack
I like the MDF (and it is a little cheaper), but they also come in 9 acrylic colors as well.

Black, white, clear
Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange
While not really a 'hobby organizer', they are also offering a clear model display case with magnetic shelves.

Display case
The final piece that is available is a carrying bag.  This holds four modules in a special divider to keep them closed.  It will also hold the display case (if you take out the dividers).
nice case
This kickstarter is structured a bit differently than the vast majority of others.  There are no stretch goals, but also no set pledge levels.  Instead there is the basic $1.00 or more pledge, but also an online calculator where you can put in exactly what you want, and it determines the total pledge.  So no base deals that may have stuff you don't want in them - you pledge for EXACTLY what you want.

There are also a couple of kickstarter deals as well.  For every four modules you pledge for, you will get a free wall unit (of the same material).  Also, if you pledge $100 or more then shipping is free (in the US only, overseas shipping is just too expensive).

I don't have any wall space to actually HANG the wall units, but still being able to have a place for everything, and then have a place to put the modules should make it quite a bit easier to keep my place neat.  I figure that when I have to move it, everything can go back in the wall units which can fit on the side table.

I've been thinking I could put some velcro strips on the sides of each of these - and then close them up against each other (so nothing can fall out) - then all they would need is a handle to carry everything.(or just to easily store it).

This is one that you will want to pledge early on (the first 50 pledges got a free pair of dice) - because they will be manufacturing and shipping these in backer order!  Take a look and see if this will help get your hobby area in order.

Because it is all fun and games . . .