Other Events at Gencon 2017

Gencon was not all about tournaments, there were a lot of fun events going on that allowed you to just walk over and play.  This year we had our own Headquarters - meaning this was our exclusive area that we did not have to share with any other events - giving us a lot of flexibility!

It is hard to believe it was all so quiet Wednesday night
Of course, I was teaching people how to play Kings of War (only 9 sessions over the three days (we didn't have any of these Friday afternoon and Saturday because of the tournaments)

We also had people learning to play Warpath.  These sessions were going on at the same time I was doing mine, so I didn't get a lot of pictures
Yes, that is Origins and Gencon How You Use It Champion Andrew Summers learning how to lay yet another game!
Plus we had scenarios for The Walking Dead

as well as Deadzone

Of course, I ran my famous 'mega' battle on Thursday night, though we only had eight players. Of course, as is usual, good triumphed over evil.  They played the final battle from the Edge of the Abyss campaign, and I'll be reporting the victory!

However I sadly have to hang my head in shame.  I claim to have the mega-battle, but Blake Shrode and Rusty Gouldman ran what they were calling the "big game" of Kings of War.  They had a fantastic table 12' long and 5' wide, with absolutely beautiful terrain made by Rusty.  They then filled it with 60,000 points of Undead vs Dwarfs and Elves!

They held this three times, and I just couldn't get over the spectacle of so many models on the board! Blake had wanted to do this at Adepticon this year, and I had offered my demo armies to help him - having absolutely no idea that my three 1000 pt (plus a few extra units) armies would be just a mere 5% of what he had.

Not only that, but I talked to Blake (quite a lot actually) and he is thinking of adding even more - they would like to go to at least 16 feet long (and would prefer to be 6' wide as well), with another full contingent of orcs to boost the undead!

So I may be retiring my mega battle in favor of the Super Giant Mega Supreme Battle (I'm working on getting him to bring it to Origins as well!)

On Saturday night, Mantic held their traditional Mantic Night.  It was supposed to be at the Colts Grill again, but sadly it closed without notice last month.  So instead we had even more games and fun going on at our HQ (though unfortunately, no beer)
Community Pat (Pat Lewis) took some people through Star Saga
Some of the unpainted Star Saga models
Ronnie himself ran a huge game of The Walking Dead (using one of my mats and some of my Kings of War terrain)
So about 8 feet of Walking Dead!
So over all it was a fantastic four days of gaming (or the Best Four Days of Gaming, according to Gencon).  We ran over 40 events (once you include the Mantic night) and had over 280 people playing in over 100 games (with a 77% overall fill rate).

And we are already starting to think about next year?  How about a Warpath tournament?  Or a multi-player scenario where your warpath army attempts to survive and infinite onslaught of plague?  More Deadzone and Walking Dead, of course. I know that we have people that are itching to hold a Dreadball 2 tournament next year also.  Who knows, we might even be able to preview Kings of War: Vanguard next ear as well.

I look forward to seeing everyone for an even better Gencon next year - August 2nd through 5th 2018!

Because it is all fun and games . . .