New Model Sneak Peeks at Gencon 2017

Amazingly enough, I didn't spend quite all my time running events (though it was most of it) at Gencon.  I did get a few minutes to get over to the Mantic booth and snap some pictures of the upcoming releases.

First off was wave 3 of The Walking Dead: All Out War - Safety Behind Bars

(2) Rick, Prison Advisor Booster
(E) Safety Behind Bars expansion
(2017) Lee & Clementine booster
(1) Michonne Booster
(5) Maggie, Prison Defender Booster
(6) Morgan, Distraught Father Booster,
(3) Andrea, Prison Sniper Booster
(6) Morgan, Distraught Father Booster,
(4) Glenn, Prison Guard Booster
 Then some or the excellent Star Saga miniatures (I am really looking forward to this)
(1) Star Saga heroes
(2) Star Saga villains
 Samples from the Dungeon Crate kickstarter

Warpath vehicles.  I'll write up full details on the Forge Father tanks once I get mine!

Finally, the new Dreadball 2 teams.  I have heard that Mantic wants to go a full 30 teams and finally stop.

Because it is all fun and games . . .