Kings of Gencon 2017

Mantic has decided to limit the use of "Clash of Kings" to only their championship events, and so we have renamed the tournament to Kings of Gencon this year.

I was a little disappointed that we did not get more people, however with the cost of the convention, the fact it was sold out (and yes we have some players that always wait until the last minute) make that a bit understandable.  We did have ten players, which made several people happy as it does count as a Masters Qualifier.

We tried a new format this year - an escalation tournament.  So everyone had to start with a 1000 pt list for the first game.  Then they added 500 points each game (so 1500, 2000 and 2500).  When adding points, you could not remove any units nor could they ever get smaller (so you could not reduce a regiment to a troop, nor combine two regiments into a horde).

(front) Tim Akers, Andrew Summers, Ron Johnston Jr, Derrick Byrd(helping me run the tournament), (rear)Amy Stamper, Frank Bradford, David Baker, Tom Ziegler, Jon Carter, Kara Brown, and Bob Boggs
Of course I managed not to take any pictures of the first round (1000 pts), but did start with the second (1500).

second round underway
Dave Baker v Andrew Summers
Ron Johnston Jr v Amy Stamper
Kara Brown v Jon Carter
Tim Akers v Tom Ziegler
Bob Boggs v Frank Bradford
As expected, there were some very nice armies present.  Thanks to Derrick Byrd for helping out as well as doing the paint judging.
David Baker's Ogres
Ron Johnston Jr.'s Goblins
Andrew Summer's Brotherhood
Amy Stamper played Kara Browns's Abyssal Dwarfs
Tim Aker's Elves
Kara Brown played Amy Stamper's Dwarves
Jon Carter's Forces of Nature
Tom Ziegler's Ogres
Bob Boggs' Elves
Frank Bradford's Ogres
 After the lunch / paint judging break, round three got underway at 2000 pts.
Round 3
Tom Ziegler v Amy Stamper
Andrew Summers v Tim Akers
Jon Carter v Bob Boggs
Kara Brown v David Baker
Ron Johnston Jr v Frank Bradford
And we finished with the 2500 pt final round
Tom Ziegler v Jon Carter (with Megan Goins and her boyfriend (and Jon's brother) Matthew Carter watching intently)
David Baker v Tim Akers
Bob Boggs v Ron Johnston Jr
Frank Bradford v Amy Stamper
Dave Baker, Champion
Andrew Summers, Best General
Jon Carter, Best Sportsman
They played each other's armies, so I gave the award to both of them (it is going on the same shelf anyway since they are married).  Kara Brown played Amy Stamper's Dwarfs for Best Mantic Army
Of course you can see the full results on warscore.

Kings of Gencon 2017

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Best General Attrition Paint Additional Painting Players Choice Mantic Best Mantic Army List Addt list Favorite Opponent Best Sportsman Total Awards
1 Dave Baker Ogres Ron Johnston Jr, Andrew Summers, Kara Brown, Tim Akers 105 105 5225 20 6 26 5 5 2 12 137 Champion
2 Andrew Summers Brotherhood Amy Stamper, Dave Baker, Tim Akers, Kara Brown 87 87 5585 4 11 4 19 5 5 3 13 108 Best General
3 Jon Carter Nature Tim Akers, Kara Brown, Bob Boggs, Tom Ziegler 71 71 3640 20 9 1 30 5 5 5 15 107 Best Sportsman
4 Amy Stamper Abyssal Dwarfs Andrew Summers, Ron Johnston Jr, Tom Ziegler, Frank Bradford 77 77 3910 20 9 29 5 3 8 105
5 Kara Brown Dwarfs Bob Boggs, Jon Carter, Dave Baker, Andrew Summers 75 75 4025 20 9 1 100 130 5 3 8 104 Best Mantic Army
6 Tom Ziegler Ogres Frank Bradford, Tim Akers, Amy Stamper, Jon Carter 67 67 4280 20 4 24 5 5 3 13 100
7 Tim Akers Elves Jon Carter, Tom Ziegler, Andrew Summers, Dave Baker 67 67 5735 20 4 24 2 2 89
8 Frank Bradford Ogres Tom Ziegler, Bob Boggs, Ron Johnston Jr, Amy Stamper 57 57 3570 16 3 2 21 5 5 3 13 88
9 Ron Johnston Jr Goblins Dave Baker, Amy Stamper, Frank Bradford, Bob Boggs 39 39 2920 20 6 2 28 5 5 2 12 73
10 Bob Boggs Elves Kara Brown, Frank Bradford, Jon Carter, Ron Johnston Jr 46 46 3755 16 6 22 5 3 8 70 0

Thanks to everyone who came out to play, and a special thanks to Derrick Byrd who helped out (even though he didn't get to play as the ringer).

 Because it is all fun and games . . .