How You Use It at Gencon 2017

Ah Gencon.  The spectacle.  The events (over 19,000 of them!). The games.  The people (over 60,000 per day).  So many people.  The walking (so much walking).  The sore feet and exhaustion.  Seeing friends you only see there.  And playing Kings of War!

This year we had two tournaments at Gencon.  The first was a How You Use It! event, where the armies were preset on the tables, but the players changed each round (I ran the same one at Origins a couple of months ago).

Everybody had a lot of fun.  We got a kick out of four Carter's being involved (me for running it, two of my sons, and Tyson who randomly shared our last name!)
The participants, Bottom Row - Andy Meechan, Derrick Byrd, Andrew Summers, Doug Brown.  Back row Paul Lang (our ringer), Tyson Carter (no relation), Jon Carter, Matt Carter
I thought it would be fun to use the matchups in the "Edge of the Abyss" worldwide campaign.  We didn't use the scenarios or special rules (as this was a tournament), but we had the following matchups (good on the left v evil on the right).  (Romans were good because they represented the empire that when it fell, resulted in 800 years of dark ages).
  • Romans v Barbarians (Celts) - this used the historical rules
  • Dwarfs v Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Trident Realms v Empire of Dust
  • Elves v Night Stalkers
  • Ogres v Orcs
  • Force of Nature v Goblins
  • Basileans v Abyssals  (I don't have a Salamanders army yet)
Making sure that no one played on the same table twice took a bit, but even more so was this is the first tournament I have ever scored by hand.  For some reason, my laptop refused to turn on.  Having worked for a few years in customer support, I figured it was either a PEBCAK or ID-10-T error.  Of course it worked fine back at the hotel and the next day for the Kings of Gencon tournam

It boosted my confidence when later, after entering the first round data, the software made the same matchups as I did manually.
Round 1 underway
Jon (Basileans) v Paul (Forces of the Abyss)
Tyson (Ogres) v Doug (Orcs)
Matt (Trident Realms) v Andrew (Empire of Dust)

Andy (Romans) v Derrick (Barbarians/Celts)
Round two quickly followed
Doug (Abyssal Dwarfs) v Paul (Dwarfs)
Tyson (Night Stalkers) v Jon (Elves)
Andy (Ogres) v Matt (Orcs)
Derrick (Goblins) v Andrew (Nature)
We took a dinner break, then continued
Round three
and I after a long day, I forgot to get pictures of the last two rounds.

And the winners were:
Andrew Summers, Champion
Derrick Byrd, 2nd Place
Andy Meechan, 3rd Place
Matt Carter, Best Sportsman
Jon Carter, new dice (yes, we told him to make that face!
And the dice - why they are the new, exclusive, Ohio War Kings dice!

Of course you can check it out at

How You Use It at Gencon 2017

How You Use it Final

Place Name Opponents Battle Best Sportsman Total Awards
1 Andrew Summers Matt Carter, Derrick Byrd, Tyson Carter, Jon Carter 83 5 88 Champion
2 Paul Lang (Rigner) Jon Carter, Doug Brown, Derrick Byrd, Andy Meechan 85 85
2 Derrick Byrd Andy Meechan, Andrew Summers, Paul Lang (Rigner), Doug Brown 81 4 85 2nd Place
4 Andy Meechan Derrick Byrd, Matt Carter, Doug Brown, Paul Lang (Rigner) 76 8 84 3rd Place
5 Doug Brown Tyson Carter, Paul Lang (Rigner), Andy Meechan, Derrick Byrd 66 66
6 Matt Carter Andrew Summers, Andy Meechan, Jon Carter, Tyson Carter 56 4 60 Best Sportsman
7 Tyson Carter Doug Brown, Jon Carter, Andrew Summers, Matt Carter 56 1 57
8 Jon Carter Paul Lang (Rigner), Tyson Carter, Matt Carter, Andrew Summers 39 2 41 New Dice

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Looks like a great day was had, fun for everyone, fancy Andy coming 3rd, he he :-)


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