Edge of the Abyss Battle Reports

It was a time of celebration in Mantica.  Even during times of war, the people still remembered glorious victories, and bitter defeats.  This year was special though.  It was the 50th anniversary of the coming of the great Gen Khan, and people gathered from all over the land to celebrate, filling the banquet halls more than ever before, to the point where late comers had to be turned away, as there simply wasn’t enough room to fit them inside.

Even during this celebration however, the battles continued.

At the very edge of the abyss, a brave band knights and their retinue from Basilea had come to defend what was left of the Brotherhood after the collapse of their watchtowers.  Healing both villeians and knights alike, they formed a battle line to defend them when the forces of the Abyss surged forth.  Twice they managed to hold the line against these foul creatures, but the third attack left them battered and broken.  Gathering the refugees and their own wounded, they retreated, vowing to return in greater numbers.

In the snowy mountains of Rhyn Dufaris, Dwarfs faced off against their Abyssal kindred.  Twice the battle was joined.  The first time, the Dwarfs pushed back the evil Abyssal Dwarfs, keeping them from expanding.  They tried again, and fought to a stalemate.

Near the banks of Hohk-Man, the Empire of Dust continued in their attempts to raise their undead fleet, and the as an army from the Trident Realms of Neritica fought to stop them, though in both battles neither gained the upper hand, and the stalemate continued:

In the Twilight Glades, and impossible force entered Mantica from worlds beyond.  Nightmares unlike any seen before, the valiant elves fought against these Night Stalkers who invaded with a force unlike any seen before in Mantica.  What kind of mind could have spawned these nightmares with green skin, firing weapons with electric arcs like lightning bolts, riding giant insects, and followed by a huge walking machine, and a devastating flying beast that resembled a giant, metal dinner plate.

On the Ardovikian Plains, two different battles clashed.  To the east, mercenary Ogres battled against marauding Orcs, their battle going back and forth, though for now the Ogres were victorious. 

To the west, two armies of men faced off.  The great Empire of Rome defended against the invading barbarians of Celtic tribes, though in the end any gains by one force were offset in the next battle.

In the forests of Galahir, the forces of the Green Lady fought desperately to stem what seemed to be an infinite tide of Goblins, holding them to a standstill before being forced to give way, if but for the moment

Finally, in a preview of things to come, and epic confrontation took place, seeing the Green Ladies allies battle against an evil Horde.  Despite heavy losses, the forces of good pulled out a minor victory, securing the fate of Mantica, if just for the day.

Though many battles were fought, the celebration of Gen Khan was still a huge success, and plans for the next one were already being prepared as the people of Mantica returned to their homes to continue the fight against the Abyss.
It was a cold night in the mountains of Rhyn Dufaris.  Under cover of darkness, the Black Forges of Deiw hoped to gain an advantage in this protracted war.  The foolish dwarven forces, not understanding the power of the black goddess Ariagful had retreated to lick their wounds.

However suddenly the very trees themselves seemed to come to life, and in between them were three giant beasts, led by two winged unicorns.  The forces of the green lady had arrived to attempt to fend off the evil dwarfs.

An opening salvo of lightning bolts arced across the sky, doing serious damage to one of the Greater Golems, though not enough to destroy the monstrosity.  The hunters of the wild moved up toward one of the foul war engines on the flank, hoping to take it out before it could do any damage.  All the evil dwarven forces could do in response however was to advance their battle lines. The supreme ironcaster flew his great winged halfbreed over, cascading fire on the hunters, causing them to pause. The angkor mortars fired, one wounding one of the great blue beasts.

More lightning followed, and the other giant golem felt the power course over it, and then it was multiplied as the unicorns caused the very lava within the beast to boil over, causing even more damage, but still not wavering this giant abomination.  

The slave driver whipped the cowardly orc cavalry, but they refused to join the battle.  The obsidian golems moved up to attack the beasts, but even with the power of the ironcaster surging through them to give them extra speed, they weren't able to engage them yet.  Once more the angkors fired a volley against the beasts of nature, and again wounding it, but once more failing to destroy the beast. Gargoyles moved  up the flank of the trees, and the other unit charged the hunters, but failed to do any damage to them.

In response, the hunters tore the gargoyles apart - their stone skin shredding beneath the sharp sticks and branches of these trees.  On the other flank, a unit of trees moved to face the gargoyles, and then with a mystical command from the tree herder, they were pushed into combat with them, crushing them under foot (root?), before once again facing the main battle line. The unicorns healed the beasts, who now were more concerned with licking their wounds than releasing the great sheets of lightning as they had before.

Once more gouts of flame spewed forth from the great winged halfbreed, finally causing the hunters to burst fully into flame and ash, utterly destroyed.  The mortars again fired, once more hitting to everyone's surprise.  The golems were finally able to move up and charge one of the beasts, smashing it with their heavy stone fists.  The orc cavalry again refused the order to attack, still sitting in the forests to keep what little cover they had against the lightning bolts that continued to rain down on the army.  The troop on foot however, was not so timid, and charged one of the huge blue beasts, and then one of the great golems was also able to reach it,  joining the battle.  Unfortunately they were only able to waiver the beast instead of destroying it.

Now that the battle was joined, it was a battle of monster v monster.  Once more a unicorn attempted to boil the blood of one of the greater golems - however having no blood proved to be an advantage and it was not to be stopped.  The other greater golem however fell to a beast hitting it in the flank. The trees continued to hold the the center, keeping much of the evil army from entering the fray.

Again the mortars fired, hitting their target, but still failing to destroy it.  The remaining greater golem was able to reach the flank of one of the great beasts, his huge fists smashing it (in the face!), joined by a troop of slave orcs to the front, destroying this beast.
The greater golem punches the beast of nature in the face
The trees continued to hold off much of the abyssal forces even as their flank collapsed.  The beasts were finally able to destroy the second greater golem, but then fell to the horde of smaller creatures, if these huge rock monsters could be called smaller.
The trees continue to hold off the orc cavalry and its supporting units 
Now that the night skies stopped raining lightning down, the lesser golems and immortal guard are able to engage the pesky flying unicorns.  The orc cavalry finally manages to charge, finally engaging the trees.
The trees start to be crumbled as the golems keep coming
In the final moments, the golems batter the great tree herder, but not enough to defeat it.  The other unit of golems finally enters the fight, smashing a unit of forest shamblers into kindling.

Only a unit of forest shamblers and the tree herder are left
As the dust settled, the forces of the Green Lady were forced to retreat, granting the night to the evil forces from the ends of the abyss.  The Black Forges of Deiw were victorious, and ready to continue their conquest.

Because it is all fun and games . . .