Big Wet Spot

When I proof read the new "Edge of the Abyss" campaign book for Kings of War, it gave me the idea to use the battles described in the book as the matchups for my How You Use It! tournament at Gencon.  I'd set up the matchups (and try to match the terrain), though I would not use the actual scenarios nor special rules (this being a tournament after all).

Battle 1 - On the precipice - Basileans v Abyssals. Since this is set around the abyss itself, I will use my volcanic mat and terrain for it.  Ok, it should be Salamanders v Abyssals, but I only have one unit of salamanders in my nature army, so we'll do the more classic matchup.  I actually wanted to do Brotherhood v Abyssals, but I just didn't have time to get the Brotherhood painted up.

Battle 2 - March to War! - Dwarfs v Abyssal Dwarfs.  A classic matchup

Battle 3 - The DeadFleet.  Trident Realms v Empire of Dust.  This was an excuse to force me to paint up my Empire of Dust and my Trident Realms

Battle 4 - Opening of the Ways.  Elves v Night Stalkers.  The biggest question here is which Night Stalker army do I use for this (since neither really fits the actual NS theme) - Ghostbusters or Mars Attacks!

Battle 5 - A Great Wall!  - Ogres v Orcs.  Cute Mantic, real cute.  The brits taking the piss on this one.

Battle 6 - Opportunity Knocks.  Nature v Goblins

Table 7 - Romans v Celts - because this is just fun

Table 8 - Kindoms of Men v Undead - one more extra table

The Final Battle - The Battle to End it All! - yep, this is the Mega-Battle on Thursday night.

As I mentioned, it gave me a deadline to paint up my Empire of Dust demo army that had been sitting there gathering dust for almost a year.  Of course they should be fighting the Trident Realms, so I'll need to paint up the mega-army for them.

Both my faithful readers will recall that I haven't done an unboxing of the Trident Realms army.  I showed the Naiad sprues from the nature box (which I built as heartpiercers in the nature demo army), and the wyrmrider unit and centurion as well.   But no thuuls, riverguard or gigas.  No Leviathan's Bane or Mythican or Rivergard Captain.  Because I don't have it.  I want it, and have asked for it as part of the Pathfinder program, but it still hasn't shown up.

One of my FLGS (Epic Loot in Centerville - a fantastic store) carries a small selection of Kings of War, and they happened to have the Trident Realms army starter, so I bought that a few weeks back. This has 8 sprues of naiads, 10 riverguard, 3 water elementals and a Naiad Centurion/Envoy.  They also had a Thuul Mythican, so I got him as well.

The water elementals went into the nature army, leaving me with a bunch of naiads and some riverguard and some characters.  So after quite some time on easy army, I came up with a list and started painting with only about two weeks to go before Gencon.

The easiest part was the heartpiercers, as they were already done.

Then all the rest of the naiads.  I had a difficult time with these simply because I just wasn't thrilled with painting them.  I should have used my airbrush with the blue for the skin - that would have saved me quite some time (especially with going back and filling in missing spots).  I did do only 8 to a troop - and they can be configured as 4 troops, 2 regiments, or 1 horde.  The centurion was also done in this set (though for now he is an envoy instead).

I painted the wyrm riders at the same time, and then did a base tabletop paint job on the wyrms.  Part of me really feels bad because these beautiful sculpts deserve so much more - but part of my goal with demo armies is to keep them at a tabletop level - so that people are not overly intimidated by them.  I also did not multi-base these because of the weight.  The steel movement tray can actually hold them, while the multi-base was 'flexing' due to the weight.  We'll see if they survive this way or not.

Of course with the unit of wyrm riders, I just had to to the centurion.  So much easier and lighter with the resin instead of the metal.

Then the riverguard.  Again I just wasn't feeling them.

Lastly the Thuul Mythican.  I really like this sculpt, and the pictures of the unit I have seen as well.  I don't much care for the studio paint job (these are such cool minis, but the colors they picked just seem to make them, I don't know, too friendly?)  Halfling/Squid hybrids, I went for more traditional red base instead.

Finally a Naiad envoy

When I do get my mega army - I'd like to at least add in the gigas and thuuls and probably up the riverguard to a regiment (dropping the envoy) to show off more of a variety of models

Because it is all fun and games . . .