They say third time is the charm

Ok, I'm a sucker for kickstarters.  I may do a few too many.  But some just seem like such bargains. Take the Reaper Bones for example.  These are such good deals - just the base pledges give you hundreds of miniatures for much less than a dollar each.  There have been some kickstarters that I kicked myself for not doing (Dreadball and Deadzone - both of which I ended buying everything retail later).

My initial thoughts were also that my kids could use these for role playing.  That hasn't happened, but I have a huge amount of minis should I ever need them (I have used them to proxy for playtesting other games however).  Anyway, I ended doing all three (so far - when does Bones IV start?), and my Bones III kickstarter shipment arrived (Wave 1 FTW!)

opening the box
I don't recall getting the flyers in previous sets.  There was also the one additional piece I ordered, the Mystic Circle.  I really like the bones terrain pieces they have made - I wish they would do more.

one big bag
holds four smaller bags
The circle is a nice piece, and has 4 components, which is also nice.  One of the bases needs some hot water to get it to sit flat - otherwise these area all good out of the box.

complete stone circle
This is another great terrain piece - I just need to decided if I'll make it four separate pieces or one big one glued to a large base.

The actual base set comes in it's own box - which I assume will be the retail release
There is a separate baggie (and in this case , it is literally a zipLoc bag) of bases for everything in the box.
In the box are four bags of bones figures, plus four bags of plastic weapon sprues for conversions.
The weapon sprues were an interesting stretch goal for this kickstarter.  Four hard plastic sprues of weapons and shields for converting miniatures.  Bones are incredibly easy to convert due to the soft plastic.  A great addition to any bit box.

Next is the bones themselves.  As I opened each bag, I did notice that there were more figures that needed assembly than I remember with the previous two sets.  There were a total of 6 of these, but I assembled them for the pictures.  The joints only fit one way and went together with no problem, so I didn't see the need to show those separate pieces.

I couldn't fit an entire bag of minis in one shot, so each of these is two shots per bag.  The first bag had some more orcs, and some abominable snowmen in it, as well as some torture devices (which will go really well with the ones coming next year from the Mantic Terrain Crate kickstarter - should I ever need a torture chamber.

Another interesting stretch goal was the re-issuing of five existing bones models in 'invisible' version using clear uncolored plastic.

The second bag didn't seem to have anything that stood out to me in it, just more excellent models

The third bag however was just full of lizard men - 16 of these in total.  Plus there were some pretty awesome Wizard of Oz models in grey (instead of the standard white).  Dorothy and Toto, a scarecrow, tin man (iron golem) witch and flying monkey are all really cool.  I'm not sure why there was a "hellboy" figure with them - is he supposed to be the lion?

The final bag had some animal adventurers in it - I know I've seen some roleplaying game where all the heroes are actually animals (think of the Disney animated Robin Hood movie)

I did want to do a close up shot of Mr & Mrs Bones (from the third bag).  These are the mascots for this bones kickstarter.  They are a chibi style, which, while I'm not a fan of, is still pretty cute for this pair.

Except for the plastic weapon sprues, I find that all of these actually fit in my original Vampire pledge box of bones, along with all of the models from the first and second kickstarter base sets.  (or at least all I have left, I've traded away a few gnolls and used some other models as needed).

I can't help but wonder when Bones IV will kick off?  And just how many more models Reaper has left to convert to the Bones material.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. The last bag with the animal adventurers is actually figurrs from Japanese folklore. The foxes are Kitsune and the birds are Tengu. If you have a eastern themed RPG going (or run a Japanese kow army 😜) then these can add some great diversity. Along with the Oni models.


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