New Campaign Deals (plus exclusive formation preview)

The new Edge of the Abyss campaign is coming, and Mantic is gearing up with new releases.

First, of course, is the new campaign book.  This includes stats for all the new hero modes (and more, as they give stats and names for existing hero models), as well as formations that, when you take the specified units plus a small additional point cost, grant some units with additional abilities.

New campaign book
The formations have generated a lot of discussions, and Mantic has sent me an exclusive one to share (so don't tell anyone) (who am I kidding - tell EVERYONE!!!)

So the goblins get a little boost - and who doesn't want a horde of Fleabag riders going through difficult terrain and over obstacles without any hindering penalty (though they still have to watch out for those nasty spears with phalanx).  Plus this does not preclude you from adding an artifact to any of the units in the formation - so up their TC with Helm of the Ram and they now hit as hard as normal heavy cavalry (but are still nimble and SP 10 to get around to the flanks).  (or Brew of Haste to make them SP 11, or even the Brew of Sharpness so they hit as well as most Heavy Cav (with AT 28 that is nothing to sneeze at)). And any help to goblin nerve is always welcome.  (Now if there were only some way to help with Yellow Bellied - maybe something special, something characterful, that allow a REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED).

Sorry - I guess you'll just have to get the book and find out for yourself  (ah, the joys of being under an NDA - but then EVERY sneak peak I have seen has been different than in the proof reading version, so I don't really know what is in the book (though hopefully NOT the spelling errors I found :-).   It did leave me wanting to know more, and what happens next to these characters. )

In addition to the book, there are five new hero models being released as well.  These are new special characters for the campaign, and they will have a special Dungeon Saga scenario for them as well.

Mantic just released painted versions of the actual miniatures, and they will all be resin, not metal (with MSRP of $12.99 each) :
MGKWR205 Eckter, Placoderm Defender
All manner of creatures answered Nature’s summons to war, including the aquatic Placoderms. Eckter is determined to fulfill his duty and preserve the balance of the world; no matter the cost.
MGKWW201 Magnilde, Varangur Demon Hunter
Since leaving her clan, Magnilde has roamed the lands surrounding the Abyss, determined to prove loyalty to her god, Korgaan, by bathing herself in the demonic blood of her foes.
MGKWA201 Mau'Ti-Bu_Su, Abyssal Temptress
Alluring and deadly, Mau’Ti-­‐Bu-­‐Su seeks a powerful artifact for her infernal masters. She has easily infiltrated the world of mortals, bending them to her will with ease and killing them when they are no longer of use to her.
MGKWU201 - Jarvis, Ophidian Necromancer
 An academic obsessed with the mysterious Ophidians, Javis was shunned and cast out by his colleagues. He stole an ancient Opidian tome and is now on the run in a world at war.
MGKWS201 - Artakl, Gekkotah Clutch Warden
When her homeland is threatened by the spread of the Abyss, Artakl must travel far away from her warm homeland on a secret mission that could change the war.

In addition to the book and the new hero sculpts, Mantic is also sneaking something else out there. "Kings of War Artefact & Spell Cards".  This $12.99 set of 60 cards includes the rules for every spell and magic artifact from the Kings of War Rulebook and Clash of Kings, perfect for reference during battle!

In order to get more people into the game with the campaign, Mantic is also changing the Kings of War Starter set.  The set - The Battle of the Glades: Two Player Battle Set pits the Forces of Nature against the Forces of the Abyss.

MGKWM110 - MSRP $79.99
As the Abyss spreads across Mantica, infernal armies march in its wake.  Sensing the terrifying threat to the world, the Forces of Nature gather their own armies to oppose the Abyssals.  War rages throughout the world.  If the Abyss were to emerge victorious, it could spell the end of all.

The new two-player set replaces the previous set (The Battle for Ironhold) and includes some of our latest plastic and metal miniatures to introduce the players to the exciting world of Kings of War!


  • 20 Hard Plastic Naiad Ensnarers / Heartpiercers
  • 20 Hard Plastic Salamanders
  • 1 Metal Druiid
  • 20 Hard Plastic Lower Abyssals / Flamebearers
  • 20 Hard Plastic Succubi
  • 1 Metal Abyssal Champion
  • 1 Kings of War Gamer's Edition Rulebook
Even if you aren't planning on playing in the campaign (and why not?), Mantic still has a few goodies up their sleeves in July
MGKWE402 - Tree Herder - $49.99
Mantic is finally releasing a RESIN Tree Herder for your Elf or Nature armies.  The Tree Herders are mighty wooden giants who spend the long millennia of their lives protecting the Forest from all threats.
MGKWU202 - Undead Vampire on Undead Pegasus - $29.99
Mounted on an Undead Pegasus, a Vampire Lord becomes a sky-­‐borne predator of terror and fury, picking off the choicest targets at will.

Mantic is also increasing their movement tray line - with 40 and 50 mm tray packs for $17.99 each (each holds 4 Hard Plastic trays).

Best of all (for retailers) - all the new models (and book) are Retail Exclusives!  Retail exclusives are new products being made are available for the first time via game and hobby stores with this release. They have never been offered via Kickstarter.

All of these are scheduled to start shipping the week of July 28th

So make sure you get to your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store, though of course you knew that) and make sure they are ordering these new shinies so you can get them for the campaign.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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