Miles Behind Suffering

I sometimes joke that Mantic likes to hold my kickstarter shipments until the very last day.   I backed big enough on Walking Dead that my wave 2 had to come Fedex, and I got a shipping notice on 6/7. A few hours later I thought I saw somewhere that they had completed all the shipments for the kickstarter.  I can't seem to find the post, but of course this means that once again mine was one of the last out the door.  :-)

That's ok.  It isn't like I try to promote their products or anything.  I don't try to put up pictures of everything.  It isn't like I have a demo coming up (at least it arrived JUST IN TIME for that, though not soon enough to actually get anything painted before the demo).

Enough of me whining, let's get to pictures of the toys!

But first - I managed to pick up the Convention Exclusive "Lee and Clementine" booster at Adepticon.  This seems to sell out VERY quickly, so if you are planning on getting one at Gencon I suggest you do it as early as possible.  I haven't played the game these are from, but I do like the walker eating a cow that comes with the set.

I went a bit overboard with this kickstarter - pretty much getting every option.  I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything, and as such I ended up with a few duplicates.

The box was big and heavy, and just begging to be opened.  Inside were 5 neoprene mats.  I had to go back to the kickstarter to see where 5 came from (I remember getting the set of 3, but then found the scenery bundle that had a second set of scenery and the mats for the base game and first expansion.

Flip over the mats, and there was a big bag with scenery, a dice bag w/ dice (in a bag), and the models for both the walker and roamer expansion, as well as an extra loose Morgan model.  Except for the model, I had all of these, though I was thinking that the extra scenery would be nice to have for being able to do demos etc, or eventually running tournaments.

In separate bags were the cards from the Roamer and Walker boosters.  The Mantic Points in the walking dead have all been on cards, and there was a point in each of these packs.  There were not any points however in the expansion card decks interestingly enough - they must be going back to putting them on the packaging for those.

Under the bags and mats were three blank white boxes (ok, each had a tiny colored dot on them - which most likely was to help the warehouse identify what was in each for packing).

I am very impressed with the quality of the mats, and how well they line up for bigger games.

Base mat
Days Gone By (Atlanta camp) mat
Miles Behind Us (Greene Family Farm
Safety Behind Bars (Prison)
Made to Suffer (Woodbury)
The mats all seem to 'revolve' around the curved sidewalk in the corner.  Four of them fit together really well, however it seems the Woodbury map replaces the Atlanta camp, as it has the same two matching sides.  I tied to set it up differently, but nothing matched.
40 x 40 playing area - (counter-clockwise) base, Atlanta Camp, Greene Farm and Prison
Other mat configuration - (counterclockwise) base, Woodbury, Greene farm, Prison
I had almost expected them to lay out in a line, but this is good as well.  Now I'm not sure how you would expand add on two more mats for really large games.  We'll see what comes out once Mantic announces releases beyond Wave 4.

Miles Behind Us

I actually like that Mantic is using the names of the actual story arcs from the comic for their expansions (though I'm not sure how well they actually match, as I tend to just have the big 'phonebook' omnibus editions (even if it is two years between them).  The first expansion was thus named after the first trade paperback - Days Gone Bye.  The second is then Miles Behind us (which is the farm expansion), then Safety Behind Bars (the prison).  They then skip way ahead in the story to volume 8 for the fourth expansion - Made to Suffer (Woodbury).  (Also the kickstarter pledges also used that idea - Something to Fear and March to War were volume 17 and 19 respectively).

I've seen some people complain about not having any artwork on the three expansion boxes from the kickstarter - however since these are NOT commercial releases at all, I can understand it.  In fact that Mantic made trays to hold the miniatures for these is pretty extraordinary to me - as neither the trays or boxes are for retail.

Of course each expansion has a pack with the new rules, a paper mat that matches the art on the deluxe neoprene ones, and one or two sheets of cardboard terrain and counters.  What drives the new rules aren't the changes as much, but instead the story driven scenarios that allow you to recreate iconic scenes from the comics.

the barn, and fences
a tractor, hay bales, more fences, fire, wound and activation tokens
Tray holding all the cards and models
This comes with character, event and equipment / supply cards.  One thing Mantic did with the walker and roamer boosters was put an icon on the event cards so you could tell what came in each set.  It would have been really nice if they would have continued this for ALL the boosters and expansions.  Until they put out a listing of what comes in each pack (like they did for the first wave) then it is impossible for those who got everything at once to identify what comes with what.  This looks to be important, as some of the scenarios call for the base event card +/- certain others (though they are always identified by name).  Still, it would be nice to be able to easily separate out equipment and supply cards for each set.

The back of the paper play mat for each expansion has pictures of all the models released for it so you can make sure you get everything.

Of course each set comes with more walkers.  This means that if you get everything, eventually you will have lots more walkers than you need (though at that point I can see weeding out some of the duplicates from wave 1 and having all the ones used in the game be unique).

I believe these walkers are Julie and Herschel's wife
I like the fat guy, but I'm not sure who the kid is supposed to be
Is the one on the right Otis?
I quickly decided as I was going through all of these (41 new models!) not to do pictures of the backs of the minis - those are usually not that interesting anyway.

The paper mat for each expansion shows pictures and checklists of all the mins for that wave.  There are also some marked with the mantic point - I believe these are minis that will be available through the Mantic Point system (hey, something to finally use my points on), as well as possibly exclusive bundles.  I really like that 'exclusive' does not mean 'unavailable anywhere else' - only a little harder to get (for example, they have announced a collector's edition - that is a similar box to the kickstarter edition, but with

  • The Walking Dead: All Out War Core Set 
  • Prelude to Woodbury 
  • Scenery Booster 
  • Walker Roamer Booster 
  • Equipment Booster 
  • Deluxe Gaming Mat (Atlanta Suburbs) 
  • Lee & Clementine Show Exclusive 
  • Exclusive Walker Rick Miniature 
  • Exclusive Dale Prison Advisor 
  • Exclusive Scott Moon

This set does come with 12 new survivors however.  I used their cards as background to identify each mini.  The poster also has pictures with each by name.  Just like the initial box, I numbered each model and card that goes with it, because I do not expect to be keeping the plastic inserts.  When I first did this, both survivors and walkers had numbers (corresponding to the position in the tray where they belonged), now just the survivors get them.  At this point I am just continuing the numbering, but I wonder if I should, with future retail exclusive sets, back fill the numbers that walkers have.

Anyway, the pictures work to identify the model - so I don't have much more to say on them.

Glenn actually has two cards in the set.  There will be retail exclusive boosters with wave 2 that have both more models, as well as some more cards for some of the existing survivors (none of the 'prison adviser' cards (except for Rick), for example, are included in any of these sets - I figure those will be in the boosters.

I like Tyreese in the comic and show - but I have not cared for his figure.  He is a pro football player - but the coat just makes him look fat, not big and muscular.  This is, unfortunately, one of my least favorite minis.

These will hit retail as

  • Miles Behind Us Expansion
  • Glenn Booster
  • Julie & Chris Booster
  • Maggie Booster
  • Tyreese Booster

Safety Behind Bars

Of course there is a rule book

Character, event and equipment / supply cards as well as the new minis are in a plastic holder.

One new sheet of scenery, with an armory room, doors and barb wire fencing.

A walker in prison jumpsuit, and Duane.

Looks like another prison walker

What happens to the guards that got killed - well they turned into armored walkers.  These have a new walker card - cost 5 points more and ignore the first ! scored against them in combat.

Then on to the prisoners

The first model for the Woodbury faction (note the governor logo)

This release includes a new Michonne sculpt, as well as Mike and Terry, her 'pet' walkers.  It is also the first mini that requires assembly - as there is a chain that can be used to connect the two walkers to her.  Her card is exactly the same as the Kickstarter version, so you an actually use whichever sculpt you prefer.

Another woodbury model - but this isn't the cowardly Eugene who is with Abraham - he doesn't come in until later.

Morgan gets a new sculpt and card.  This after Duane had become a walker.

Rick gets a new card AND a new model - this time in the prison guard outfit.  He is a prison advisor, and his special ability works with all other prison advisor models - of which there currently are a whopping 0 (though I believe those cards (if not new models) are all coming in retail exclusive boosters.

Remember the tv episode with two girls, one of who killed her sister knowing she would come back as a walker - and Carol had to take her out and put her down?  Yeah, really tough one.  In the comics it was two boys, and Carl was the one to take out the brother.  They have been combined into one model.

Andrea also gets a new card and model.  I always felt it was a shame that they killed her off in the show, as she is so kick-ass in the comic.
These will hit retail as

  • Safety Behind Bars Expansion
  • Andrea, Prison Sniper Booster
  • Michonne Booster
  • Morgan, Distraught Father Booster
  • Rick, Prison Advisor Booster

Made to Suffer

This expansion introduces Woodbury, with a few new rules and scenarios.  One new bit here is at the back of the book, where they talk about larger battles, list the six factions in the game, and even give a chart of which faction can ally with which other factions.

Because, as the book says, there are now 6 factions available.  Except only two of them have more than a single model currently (Rick & Woodbury) (ok, Ezekiel & Shiva make two for the Kingdom). But still only one Savior (the kickstarter exclusive/ Eeny-meeny,miney-moe) Negan) and none from Hilltop YET.

Neutral - no symbol
Rick's Atlanta group - with the police hat
Woodbury army - with the governor's face
Hilltop - with a new logo
The Kingdom - with a crown (we all know Ezekiel is one of the Wave 2 retailer exclusives)
The Saviors - with the wings

Three fewer models than the previous sets.  However there is a new type of card - objectives.  These are used for bigger battles ( > 300 pts ) as different ways to win - each player draws one and keeps it hidden until they meet it (or a standard) victory condition.

Two sheets of scenery - including a couple more rooms, smoke, streetlights, zombie stakes and a TANK!  Yes, they have the final battle at the prison where the governor brings a freaking tank.

Now here is something interesting once you start playing factions - Alice (and Dr. Stevens) have TWO factions markers - they belong to EITHER Rick's group or the Woodbury army.  There are a couple of very specific scenarios where, based on when they defect from Woodbury, they have to be in one group or the other.

Woodbury now has 11+ models, so it can finally be played as it's own faction

 Another new Rick sculpt and card - this time after the Governor cuts off his hand.

The governor gets two cards and a new sculpt in an iconic pose.  This model is great for after his run-in with Michonne - however I feel the previous Brian Blake model (from the Road to Woodbury one player starter set) fits one of the cards much, much better than the mutilated governor.
These will hit retail in 2018 as

  • Made to Suffer Expansion
  • Alice Booster
  • The Governor Booster
  • Rick, Disfigured but Determined Booster

Retail Exclusives

Of course with each of these releases there will come retailer exclusive releases
Wave 2 (The Farm) : Ezekiel and Negan
Wave 3: (The Prison): Glenn, Prison Guard and Maggie, Prison Defender
Wave 4: (Woodbury): Lilly, Tyreese, Prison Advisor and Michonne, Vengeful Hunter

Other Exclusives

Mantic has also started doing show and point only exclusive models.  The biggest hit so far has been, of course, the Lee and Clementine box.  But more are coming, as are marked on the collectors guide.

So a huge box of goodies and a lot of models to paint up - but they will have to wait until after Origins.

Because it is all fun and games . . .