Edging ever closer to the Abyss

Mantic has said they are going to be doing a world-wide campaign for Kings of War in the late summer, and part of this will be new units for their core armies, as well as some new characters. These characters will not just have KoW stats, but will also have a Dungeon Saga adventure (if not a full expansion) to run through for the campaign.

They first talked about the campaign over in their blog.

Today they released some pictures on Facebook of four of the five new resin hero sculpts coming out for the campaign.  Each will be sold separately and they should be up for pre-order soon (with a July release date).  I would imagine the book will be out then as well.

Artakl – Ghekkotah Clutch Warden. One of the new heroes for the summer campaign.

Eckter - Placoderm Defender

Jarvis the Ophidian Obsessed Necromancer. What secrets are in that book he’s clutching?
Jarvis - an Ophidian obsessed Necromancer

Magnilde - a Varangur Demon Hunter

Mau'ti-bu-su - an Abyssal Temptress
They have not yet posted a sculpt of Eckter, the Placoderm Defender.

They included a video as well - Facebook video

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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