May SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Spring has sprung, flowers are in bloom, and snow and cold are a memory - unless you were in Colorado this past weekend (like I was) and got 8" dumped on you Saturday (which almost all melted the next day).  But enough small talk about the weather!

So what is going on in Mantic land?  Well first off is another Kickstarter!  If you haven't had a chance to jump on one of the wild rides that Mantic Kickstarters are, now is your chance.  TerrainCrate is a new line of 28mm fantasy terrain - from fences to wizard's lairs, there is a ton of plastic scenery for nearly any RPG, dungeon crawl (like Dungeon Saga) or skirmish game.  The kickstarter only runs until May 14th at 6:59 pm EDT, so you don't have much time to get in on it.  It funded in just under 90 minutes, and so far they knocking out stretch goal after stretch goal.  Check it out at .

Have you tried Warpath or Firefight yet?  Officially released at the end of last month, look for the starter sets for Asterians, Forge Fathers, Enforcers and Veer-Myn this month.  Plague and GCPS will follow later in the year.  The Forge Father tank has completed production, and the half-track and Veer-Myn Tunnel Runner are being produced.  The tunneler is in tooling.  Other vehicles are in progress.  Expansion sets for Enforcers and Forge Fathers will be out at the end of the month - and these include the first full release of the Enforcer Interceptor and the Forge Father tank!

The Walking Dead: All Out War is proving to be a HUGE hit for Mantic, and Wave 2 is currently passing through the Suez canal en route to the UK on the newest, largest boxship ever built.  Look for it to hit kickstarters and retail soon (I can't wait to get Ezekial and Shiva!).  If you haven't had a chance to pick up the event exclusive Clementine & Lee booster yet - Mantic will hae them available on their web site during their open-day weekend (May 6th), plus they should have them at Gencon!  And Mantic now has Dale's RV available on their website.

I don't really have any news on Deadzone or Dreadball.  Mantic is working on the final layout for Star Saga, and previewed a couple of cards on their kickstarter update.  This is still on schedule, though that is not always comforting when that still means it is six months (or more) away.

Kings of War has been quiet since the release of the Clash of Kings book and the Trident Realms of Neritica army.  No more though - in June the are releasing all new army boxes for Undead, Dwarfs, Abyssals and Elves, as well as the new Abyssal Horseman!

Locally, we are still meeting up Friday evenings from 6 - 9 pm at the Hobby Shop in Miamisburg - so come on down for a game of Kings of War, or maybe even Warpath!  You might also get a chance to playtest some of the games we hope to run at Origins.

Of course Origins is a mere six weeks away, and event registration re-opens (after some issues) on May 5th at 1 pm EDT.  The Ohio War Kings are officially a club (meaning registered members can get 50% off registration) and has seven game masters bringing you over 30 events, including two Kings of War tournaments and a Dreadball tournament.  Or come by and learn to play Warpath or Kings of War, or see if you can survive the Deadzone: Contagion Quest!

If you can't get enough of me babbling on about games and hobbies, please check out my blog at .  Somehow this past year I've managed to find enough to update twice a week (Monday and Thursday at 6:00 pm) and I hope to continue to share my bizarre thoughts with you all throughout the coming year.

Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder:


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