Mantic Open Day May 2017

Once again Mantic held an open day on May 6th, and once again they had the audacity to hold it at their headquarters in Nottingham in the UK, instead of over hear in 'Merica where I might actually have a chance to go to it (and the Mantic Night at Adepticon is, unfortunately, just not the same (though I don't see why they can't bring some slides of new stuff for us to see as well as the Brits!)).

Ronnie, the Barbecutioner!
However, I have managed to scrounge up some pictures, so at least we aren't completely in the dark over hear.  A big thanks to @FistyGlueMan, who, as always, has put up some great pictures on his twitter feed (which I've shamelessly stolen to put up here.

Mantic did record both the seminars,  make sure you check them out on Facebook

Kings of War summer campaign

Ronnie Seminar

Ok, where to start?  Well you know that the Terrain Crate kickstarter has only one more week to go? You can get in on all the fun here, but how about some sneak peaks at more stretch goals?

Well speaking of kickstarters, Mantic is working on the Star Saga kickstarter, and they showed more pictures of that, as well as had some painted miniatures in a display case.

Ok, I admit it - I really, really want these new Nameless figures coming out with Star Saga - and already regret that I didn't order two or three more sets of the models.  I have them for Dreadball, but these are just cool.  While I've been wavering about committing to a Deadzone, Firefight or Warpath army - I expect that when these come out I'll be all over them.

There were some previews of future models for Kings of War as well.  Mantic has already announced they are doing a salamander army, so

plus Mantic has been working on a Steel Behemoth for the Dwarfs for some time.  I'm not sure if this is it or not, but it does look cool

If you have been paying any attention, you know the Walking Dead wave 2 is on the water and is scheduled to ship this month (first to backers, then releasing in retail).  Of course they showed off both concepts and painted models.

Dreadball even saw a little love, with one of the new teams painted up, a second on in progress, and what appeared to be 3d prints of a third.

Of course one of the big things was Warpath.  There were several tables with warpath minis, as well as lots of events teaching people to play the game.

Of course there were other games going on as well

It looks like this Open Day had a bit more new stuff to show than the last, and much fun was had by all.

Because it is all fun and games . . .