Terraining Day

Mantic's latest kickstarter kicked off yesterday.  Mantic has seen a big success with both it's door and dungeon furniture packs from Dungeon Saga, so they are going back to the well for more.

Ronnie announced this Adepticon.  TerrainCrate is a new range of pre-assembled, plastic dungeon, town and battlefield scenery that's ready to go right from the box and straight onto your tabletop.

And they have been teasing it with some very clever puns.

I was hoping to see a poster for "Terraining Day" myself, but since Mantic didn't I used it myself.  :-P

The kickstarter went live on Wednesday April 26th at 1:00 pm EDT, and the initial goal of $75,000.00 was met in a less than 90 minutes (not the fastest funded, but it is also a larger initial goal than a lot have been).

There are three different sets available - Dungeon, Battlefield and Town.  There are three pledge levels - $75 for one crate, $140 for two and $195 for all three (there is a limited 'early bird' verson of the three crate bundle for $180 (which is HALF the retail price ($29.99 per set, 4 sets per crate) when it comes out), but only 2000 of these are available).

Also, there will be kickstarter exclusive packaging to hold everything.
Each of the three crates will have four sets in it.

The Dungeon crate has a Wizard's Study, Abandoned Mine, Treasure Room and Dungeon Debris.

Wizards Study bookshelf

Wizard's Study Familiar - stretch goal
The Battlefield crate has a Wagon Train, Campsite, Fences & Hedges and Walls

Campsite large tent

Campsite small tent
The Town Crate has Town Guard Barracks, Tavern, Blacksmith & Stable and a Library.

Blacksmith forge

blacksmith tools - stretch goal
Beasts of War had a preview, from which I managed to steal some screen captures of some of the items.
Dungeon:Treasure Horde - pile of armor
Dungeon:Dungeon Dressing - barrels
Dungeon: Treasure Horde - small treasure pile
Dungeon: Treasure Horde - large treasure pile
Sneaky - I bet this is a stretch goal - summoning circle
This may be a stretch goal for the Wizard's Study OR library - stack of books

Sword in a stone - I'm guessing this is another stretch goal

Watch the Kickstarter for more - Mantic always has a great deal in their kickstarters with a lot of stretch goals to always make it worthwhile.

Note - this kickstarter only goes until May 14th, so just over two weeks.

Because it is all fun and games . . .