Doctor What?

I've always been a fan of the BBC Dr. Who series, from when I would watch the imported versions on PBS (one episode every evening, but an entire serial story on Sunday mornings).  So of course my first and favorite classic Doctor was Tom Baker (number 4).

When the BBC brought back Dr Who I was an immediate fan, even if we had to wait (at first) for he episodes to hit BBC America.  Now they premier the same day as they do in the UK, so we are only a few hours behind.

The new season (or series as the brits call it) premiered this past weekend.  They decided to play with the trope of the new companion freaking out when first entering the TARDIS, as well as the Doctors name.  After introducing himself as "The Doctor", instead of the traditional "Dr Who?" response (to which he always answers "just The Doctor") she asks "Dr What?".
Anyway, it isn't the latest season, or any other that has me so excited right now.  Warlord Games has the official license to Dr Who for miniatures, and at Salute this weekend they are premiering the brand new Dr Who: Exterminate miniature game.
box top
box bottom
box contents
open box

All the goodies

Cybermen sprue (with tiny cypermats!)
Dalek and Cybermen sprues
Booklets - Rules, Adventures and Guide to the Time Vortex


Double sided 36" x 36" play mat

Card stock scenery
Contents of the box are listed as
  • 12 easy-fit plastic Time War Daleks
  • 12 easy-fit plastic Cyber legion Cybermen
  • 14 plastic Cybermats
  • Double-Sided 36"x36" battlemat
  • Card Scenery
  • 34 Recruitment Cards
  • 56 Adventure Cards
  • 36 Battle Cards
  • 16-page Rules booklet
  • 12-page Adventures booklet
  • 24-page Guide to the Time Vortex booklet
  • 10 combat Dice
  • 2 Quick Reference Sheets
  • Card Ruler
  • 59 card tokens
There have been some sneak peeks on their site about this game, the coolest of course being their promo shots of the new hard plastic sprues of Daleks and Cybermen.
Hard Plastic Daleks
Hard Plastic Cybermen
Warlord has not listed the contents of the box yet - but from their promo picture it looks like it will be 12 cybermen vs 12 daleks for the starter.  The models are bigger than their other games by about a third.
They did release a shot of a play test game

Their Facebook page/group has also shown some more pictures of future expansions

Metal Missy model - only available in the Cybermen expansion (which is more cybermen sprues)

Davros metal mini - only available in the Dalek expansion (which is more plastic dalek sprues).
Shrewd business practice there - as a lot of people may not want to buy more cybermen or daleks (since they come in the box), but will want the exclusive metal miniature that comes with them.  At least I do.
I think this is just a promo picture, not a real expansion
Their web site has several small expansions, each featuring a handful of metal figures.  So you can pick up two different doctors (10 and 12) and their companions

or some of the monsters that the show is so famous for

This has been announced but is not on the web store yet
All the expansion boxes are already available at their Dr Who web store, and they just announced that they will have the game available for pre-order there on Friday, April 21st for those who can't make it to Salute (I haven't seen the release date for the pre-orders).

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that they may not be licensed to sell the game in the US (booo!)  I don't know if that means they cannot ship it to the US from their UK webstore or not.

So is there anyone going to Salute! that wants to pick up a copy of the game for me?  I'd have no problems PayPal'ing the cost + shipping.

Because it is all fun and games . . .