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Happy Birthday to this
Happy Birthday to this
Happy Birthday to my Mantic Newsletter
Happy Birthday to this

Wow - can you believe I've been writing this newsletter for three years now?  It still amazes me that so many people find it useful and worth reading month after month (after month after month).  I started with this, then expanded into my blog (which just hit two years old two months ago), and even got a few pages published in the "Clash of Kings" book.  Thank you to everyone that puts up with me month to month, and I hope to keep informing and entertaining you for many more to come.

Unfortunately the anniversary has to begin with an apology for missing last month - with Daycon, the Masters and Manticon all going for three consecutive weekends over the beginning of the month it simply slipped my mind.

The historical league has died a quiet death, slipping away in the wee hours of the morning.  Real world, scheduling and just bad timing have resulted in only two players left, and one of those did not finish his final build.

Which opens up the question of what are people interested in doing?  Mantic keeps talking about the summer campaign, but so far I have not seen anything concrete on it.  Origins is coming up in June - are we just getting ready for this (I know there will need to be play testing for some of the events) or do we want some more organized play?  In addition Warpath is almost here - do we want a Warpath escalation league?  I put up a poll on the Ohio War Kings facebook page - let me know what you are interested in.

Speaking of which, Warpath hits retail this month with the starter, Enforcers and Forge Fathers being released.  A fun chance to do some sci-fi gaming!

Mantic is having huge successes with its new Walking Dead : All Out War game, and wave 2 of the kickstarter should be arriving in May, with retail releases to follow.  These will add the Greene Farm and Prison, and add a lot more survivors to choose from, allowing players to actually make their own warbands.

As I mentioned, Origins is right around the corner.  You can get your badge now at a reduced price, and even registration goes live the first week of May.  The Ohio War Kings are running over 30 events (provided we get them straightened out) including not only Kings of War, but Deadzone and Warpath as well.  Origins is a great convention for playing games - so come out and have a great time.

If you can't get enough of me babbling on about games and hobbies, please check out my blog at http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/ .  Somehow this past year I've managed to find enough to update twice a week (Monday and Thursday at 6:00 pm) and I hope to continue to share my bizarre thoughts with you all throughout the coming year.

Mike Carter
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