Resin-stance would be thuul-ish!

As anyone paying any attentions knows, the Trident Realms of Neritica army sets are being released later this month.  These will be followed by individual units - the surprise is they are now releasing these the same time.  So if you just want a troop of Thuuls, you can now pre-order them.

Speaking of Thuuls, Mantic has announced that they will be the first unit to be produced by their new in-house resin department (they promise more details next week).  So what exact are the individual releases?

First you have the new resin Thuul troop, ( MSRP £19.99/ €27.49 / $34.99 )

To go with these is the new Thuul Mythican  ( MSRP £7.99/ €10.99 / $12.99 )

The riverguard are also being released, as a troop  ( MSRP £19.99/ €27.49 / $34.99 )

and with the riverguard captain  ( MSRP £7.99/ €10.99 / $12.99 )

Finally, the Gigas are also being released  ( MSRP £19.99/ €27.49 / $34.99 )

These are all pretty cool units, though the prices seem (to me) to be a little steep for the Thuuls and Riverguard.  However I have to admit I stopped buying GW miniatures two years ago, so I no longer have any type of relative reference point.

I find it slightly amusing that they use the tamer thuul models to stand out - rather than the one in the back with the tentacles fully open.  The mythican has no choice - there is no other face that is less terrifying.  Since these are half halfling (does that make them quarterlings?) I am a little curious as to the size of them (I have yet to see any picture next to any other models, so it is hard to see relative height).  Though I still think it would make a good demogorgon from Stranger Things.

These pictures of the riverguard are the best I've seen so far - they finally look like the frogs that they are!

Myself, I'm hoping to be able to bring a mega-army back from Adepticon (and maybe a unit of water elementals as well) - so look for more details on the physical models then.

(finally, as an aside (that is so unlike me) here - just a quick rant.  Why are the US $ prices so much higher than the other currencies (at least based on the current ( Feb 3, 2017 ) exchange rates of  £0.80  -> €0.93 ->  $1.00? If they were following the exchange, then the price SHOULD be €23.19 ->  $24.99.  Instead we are paying $0.50 more per £ than the open market exchange rate.  Personally, the best solution would be to set their price in a single currency - then let the markets do the exchange (I'd much rather pay the credit card currency exchange fee than what is essentially a 40% markup due to the exchange rate! (at least the rest of the world is only paying an 18% markup))

Because it is all fun and games . . .