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The Star Saga kickstarter is in the least interesting (as a backer) phase - the actual production.  The pledge manager is currently open (about 75% of the backers have filled theirs out) at BackerKit, and even allows for late pledging if you missed the kickstarter the first time and still want to get in on the deal.  The pledge manager closes on February 28th, so don't wait too long.

And to get you interested, Mantic has snuck out some concept art from the design studio.  Some of these can be identified by referring back to the original campaign, but not all (I have no idea what the severed eyeball is for, and if there is actually going to be a huge severed eyeball miniature).

Was there a Koris mercenary?  I can't seem to find a reference to him on the kickstarter page

I've got my eye on you

I'm guessing this is Orion

Brute - Simian boss from "The Devil's Betrayal" expansion

I'm not sure who this is.  The gun is Grogan sized, but other than that

The new Veer-myn Brood Mother from the "Retake the Blackstar Station" expansion

So something to help you endure the long wait until next fall.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. the robot is Krom3, te ggrogan, is the twin grogan from devil's betrayal, koris merc was available if you took advantage of the expansion bundle

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