And so we enter the Terrible Twos

Happy Blogiversary to me
Happy Blogiversary to me
Happy Blogiversary to Until Somebody Loses an Eye
Happy Blogiversary to me.

So it was two years ago now that I started this 'grand adventure', and I'm no were near ready to stop. Thank you to all my regular readers (both of you).  Yes, I know I have more than that, though not as many regular ones as I'd like (I would really love to NOT have to spam every single post across several Facebook groups - but when I don't do that (like with this post, as it isn't related to Mantic or any of their games, so will only get posted to the Ohio War Kings) I struggle to get more than a few dozen views (while when I do copy the link to several groups, I often hit more than a hundred in less than an hour)).

No one has asked "Why do you do this?" but I'll answer anyway.  (Hey, this is my Blogiversary, so I get to be a little more self indulgent than usual.  And if you don't want to read it - well I've already registered your view (that will earn me something like $0.00001 from Google AdSense (so far I manage to earn a whopping average of $3 or so a month - which means in another 3 or 4 years I may finally be up to $100 and actually get a check from them.  Definitely not retirement income.))) (You know, I sometimes need to write these in a LISP editor so it can automagically add all the closing parenthesis (a reference for all those geeks of a different sort)).

So obviously I don't do this for the money.  In fact the blog actually costs me money even though blogger is free, as I did purchase the domain because I couldn't get the actual blog name I wanted ( Someone else has it.  She is named Carly and she made ONE empty post back on May 18, 2005 at 9:14 pm which garnered two spam comments and hasn't apparently done ANYTHING at all with it sense then EXCEPT hold the name that I want and have actively been using for two years now.  Not that I'm bothered at all by Carly (who has no profile either) and her complete and utter lack of posting anything on the blog name I wanted.  Not at all.
Yep - that is the entirety of her blog.  I bet that more people see this screenshot of her blog than have ever visited it up to this point in time :-)  You are welcome Carly.
(as an aside (not that I do that much at all) it is a whole lot harder to find any pictures to put up on a post about, well posting).

As I mentioned when I started this so long ago I found myself posting a lot of hobby related "stuff" on various places across the web, so decided to consolidate here.  As a pathfinder for Mantic Games, I volunteer to run demos and support their products (and in return, they feed my growing addiction yet still get more and more of my money), though at times I've managed to step on a few toes (and they will say it is not related at all, but it seems all the places where I was getting new information to share have pretty much dried up - so I end up putting my own opinions on the pictures that Mantic posts to Facebook) I think that Mantic feels I do a decent job promoting their games., even if   At least they haven't fired me (yet).

In the two years since I've started this little endeavor, I've managed to post 225 times (which is 224 times more than Carly posted on her blog, not that I'm counting or anything) (and not including any of the backdated posts from before I actually started writing this (which are old hobby forum posts, and a few of the newsletters I send out each month).  (Someday I'll get the rest of my old Mantic forum blog copied over - but that is unbelievably dull and tedious, and no one reads them anyway.  (So there is another question - why bring them over.  That is where my writer ADD kicks in, and want to have everything available in one place.)

I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to come and be subjected to my silly ramblings about plastic army men (or ugly little monsters as my wife likes to call them) and other hobby interests. Without you this would be nothing but me spewing my thoughts out into the nothings of the internet void, instead of your warm, fertile minds (you are welcome for that image).

So thanks for reading.  I've managed to keep up with the twice weekly updates (Monday and Thursdays at 6:00 pm EST/EDT) and that appears to be a good enough pace (with the occasional extra when I have something completely new  (because if I can be the first to put it out there then I get more people reading it)).


Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Just write your blogs in emacs - it will close the parens for you. :)

  2. Two years?. Really?. Wow time flys!. Happy blogday and if you have enjoyed writing it as much as we (the 'royal', apparantly i cant speak for the wider community....bloody spoilsports!)have enjoyed reading you will be doing o.k!. Heres to another 2 years!.

  3. Never could stand emacs for some reason, I was vi (then vim) all the way myself. But then I have barely touched a UNIX (or linux) box in 8 years.


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