When the campaign is over

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Kings of War International Campaign Day.  It was much bigger this year, with 341 people playing games across the world.  Locally we once again met at our FLGS to participate in the fun, though we didn't have the numbers to claim the largest site again.

We started with 8 players, but ended up with some actually having lives outside of playing games, so our numbers dwindled with each game.

One of the new and fun aspects this year is everyone got to create their own 200 point hero to use in all the games.

Fighting on the side of good were

Amy Stamper's Dwarfs with King George (King on Large Beast, +1 Ne, Blade of Slashing / Blessing of the Gods)
Felix Castro's Herd withHusdyr, Defender of the Wild (Great Chieftan, +1 De, Medallion of Life, Blade of the Beasst Slayer )(1st game only)
Felix Castro's Dwarfs with King Rurgrim Foehammer (King, +1 At, Wings of Honeymaze, Medallion of Life)
Aaron Raleigh using my Ogres with Ronral the smasher (Ogre Warlord, +1 De, Blessing of the Gods)
Jesse Dennison's ratkin with Skract (Warlock, +1 De, Wings of Honeymaze, Boots of Levitation)

On the side of evil we had
Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs with Voltron (Half Breed Champion, +1 De, Wings of Honeymaze)
Dave Baker's Abyssals with (damn, didn't get his name) (Abyssal Champion, +1 De, Wings of Honeymaze, Blessing of the Gods)
Jon Carter's Undead with Rigoth the Wolf Lord (Lykanis, +1 De, Blade of the Beast Slayer, Blessing of the Gods)
My Abyssal Dwarfs with Zarak Forgeborn, Lord of the Halfbreeds (Halfbreed Champion, +1 De, Brew of Courage, Darklords Onyx Ring)

Round one saw
Jesse's Ratkin played my Abyssal Dwarfs.  The ratkin, being the traitorous vermin that they are, abandoned thei comrades and actually fought on the side of good!  Actually we had 5 evil armies, so somebody had to switch (and as the last one to make it to the shop, he got the honor ( and bonus that good got from winning region B (Europe)) of switching sides.

Kara's Abyssal Dwarfs faced off against Aaron's Ogres in his third game ever, Dave was trying out his Master's list of Abyssals against Amy's Dwarfs, and Jon's Undead faced Felix's Herd (Felix used Herd for the first game, then switched back to his Dwarfs).
Jesse vs me

Kara vs Aaron

Dave vs Amy
Felix vs Jon

When the round was done, evil won all their games - getting the bonus for the next game.

For round two, Jesse had to drop out (so I took one for the team and dropped as well to keep an even number of players).  Amy took on Jon, Kara battled Felix and Dave fought Aaron.  This round was split, with two games for evil, and one for good.
Amy vs Jon

Dave vs Aaron
I did tell everyone they could use the full board (instead of the 4'x4' we used for the first round), but they didn't seem to listen. :-)
Felix v Kara
With such a small group, it was inevitable that people would play against foes they had played often.  In round three Kara was paired off against her wife Amy, but they decided to bow out rather than risk family harmony.

That left Dave battling Felix and Aaron duking it out with Jon.  Evil won one game, and the other was a tie.
Dave vs Felix

Aaron facing Jon's Undead
We were a little disappointed that the shop closed at eight, so we did not have time for the fourth game.  Despite this everyone had fun, even if the "Tag" scenario was not a favorite.  A huge thanks to Kris Kaspner and Mark Cox for organizing this.  We are already looking forward to the next one.

But cause it is all fun and games. . .