They just keep coming

While the kickstarter backers anxiously await their second (and final) shipment from Mantic's The Walking Dead: All Out War kickstarter, we have started to spot the retail releases that will follow afterward.  Armada Games has wave 2 up for pre-order already.  Some of these will be part of the kickstarter, but there are at least a couple that are retailer exclusive - so of course we all need to pick them up.

All the boosters have an MSRP of $19.99, Expansions are $39.99, and neoprene deluxe gaming mats are $34.99

Just to tease you a bit, in May they are releasing the deluxe version of the Atlanta Camp mat (from in the "Days Gone Bye" expansion)

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Deluxe Gaming Mat - Atlanta Camp

  • 1 20"x20" Rubber Gaming Mat – Atlanta Camp

Then in June, things start to heat up

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Tyreese Booster

  • Tyreese
  • Craig
  • Walker
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
While this lists Craig, I believe the card that it is Carlos instead (as we already have Craig).

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Negan Booster
  • Negan
  • Andy
  • Walker
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
This is an interesting booster.  It is a new (I think more dynamic) sculpt for Negan, different than what kickstarter backers got.  However It is the same card.  The kickstarter included Lucille and the .22 Revolver, but not the Adrenalin Shot, Grenade nor Andy, so I'm calling this a retailer exclusive.

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Glenn Booster
  • Glenn
  • Lacey
  • Walker
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
This is one of the most awaited boosters - because everyone wants Glenn.   He was delayed to the second wave due to problems with his sculpt, but will now be available.  Lacey Greene will also be in this booster.

Then to top off the month

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Miles Behind Us Expansion
  • Rulebook
  • Paper Mat
  • Card Counters
  • Templates & Scenery
  • Cards
  • 4 Survivors
  • 2 Walkers
Also known as the Green Family Farm expansion, we get Herschel, Billy, Patricia and Otis, plus more cardboard terrain (including a large building - I'm guess this is probably the barn - which I would guess you do NOT want to open).  There are also new event cards to spice up your game.

Following in July are

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Julie & Chris Booster
  • Julie
  • Chris
  • Walker Julie
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
The most exciting thing about this booster (to me at least) isn't Julie and Chris, it is the leader card for Glenn.  Yes, it is a shame it doesn't come in the Glenn booster, and yes that is to drive sales.  This is not a charity after all.

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Maggie Booster
  • Maggie
  • Arnold
  • Walker
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
Any fan of the comic or show definitely needs to have Maggie to go along with Glenn.  Getting her brother Arnold is not as exciting - but it is another way to get Carl shot!

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Ezekiel Booster
  • Ezekiel
  • Shiva
  • Walker
  • Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
Ok, this is the one that got me excited when I first saw sneak previews of upcoming miniatures.  A retailer exclusive, we finally get the leader of the Kingdom with Ezekiel, and his pet tiger Shiva.  It looks like a whopping 100 pts for the pair - but who doesn't want a tiger on your side fighting walkers during any type of apocalypse (well, maybe not the one where the animals take over).  Plus another crossbow equipment card - if you have played with one of these you know just how useful it is.  (High powered shooting without Mayhem?  Thank you sir, may I have another?)

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Deluxe Gaming Mat - Greene Farm

  • 1 20"x20" Rubber Gaming Mat – Greene Farm
If you like the neoprene gaming mats (and I for one love them) then you will be able to upgrade your farm with this one.

That should finish the standard releases included in the kickstarter, though we still have the Woodbury and Prison expansions to look forward to.

So which survivor is everyone more excited about in this wave?  Glenn or Maggie?  Ah, who am I kidding - I don't doubt that Shiva (and whatever she comes with because - well TIGER!) will be the biggest hit.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Some cool looking models for sure. I'm still trying to gather the first wave but lots to look forward to. I have to agree on Ezekial and Shiva being on my, "must have" list (She is much more imposing than Goblyn) but I realy liked Tyreese from the show so it's a hard call. If I get Tyreese I have to convert a Martin :) .


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