So what is actually new?

Yes, I have heard the outcry.  The wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Where are the pictures of the new stuff you ask.  Nay, demand.  Far be it from me to resist any kind of pressure - so here is everything new from the Warpath 1.0 Kickstarter.

Well, except for the books themselves.  I didn't even think to take a picture of them, and have yet to thoroughly read them.

However I did do the dice - so all eight faces of the command dice
Command Dice in all their glory
The new plastic tokens / counters as well.  They have two part suppression tokens (fire), a lot of objective tokens (purple), and I'm not quite sure what the rest are yet.  The small green ones actually have three different pictures on them, but they are very faint - so much that I would not attempt to differentiate them during a game.

Now what would a Mantic kickstarter be without a new Blaine model.  (The answer to that is The Walking Dead: All Out War).  Tyrant Blaine, Mercenary Leader joins the other Blaines - and like too many of them there are not currently any rules to actually use him.

Blaine Front

Blaine Back
Now to get faction specific.  We'll start with the Enforcers.  First off is the heavy weapons upgrade. The original restic pathfinders came with some rather nice models (I still really like the sniper), though the Enforcer with a rocket launcher is not my favorite (he is just a little too tall compared to the others).  With the death of restic and the new(ish) hard plastic sprue for Enforcers, the rocket launcher has instead become a set of add on metal bits.  It is interesting that the pack only comes with enough for 4 - right arms holding the launcher, left arms that attach to it, and some other bit that I do not know what it is.  It was part of the battlegroup, so no big deal.  Of course they require the Enforcer sprue - which you can see here.
Enforcer Heavy Support upgrade bits
The completest in me wanted all the new models, so when I saw the add-on for Enforcer Tank Hunters I thought they would be a cool team to add.  No description other than the name.  This was a disappointment - it came with one new gun arm and 4 arms holding mines, plus 4 additional mines. Had I known this is what it was I would not have gotten it.  Now it was only $2 more than the sprue of enforcers it comes with costs by itself - but I honestly don't need more enforcers.
Enforcer Tank Hunter add on bits
All of the factions got a special character in the kickstarter.  Enforcers got Lt Roca.
Lt Roca front

Lt Roca back
The battlegroup also came with the upgrade to turn an ordinary Strider into the Ajax Seige Strider.  I was not all that excited about the picture in the kickstarter - but I really like the bits and think this is one I will have to convert - the giant shield and huge spear are just too cool.
Ajax Seige Strider upgrade bits

Ajax Seige Strider upgrade bits (back)
As part of the Enforcer Interceptor battlegroup, you also get a set of metal bits to upgrade an Accuser interceptor to an Arbiter Interceptor (switching the Twin Heavy Burst Lasers ( R28", D10, AP2 Suppressive Fire(1)) weapons for Twin Polaris Cannons (R 48", D3, AP6, Anti-Tank(D6)).  I did not realize it at first, but these are the same guns that the default strider comes with.  I'm not sure what the other bits are supposed to be however.  Once more some instructions would be useful.
Arbiter upgrade bits

other side of the Arbiter upgrade bits
Finally, of course the Enforcers did get their Interceptor kit as well - but that is for next time :-)

Now on to the Forge Fathers.  Their special Character is Ingulf Krestursson and his dog Padd.  The dog has a separate robotic leg, and the rest of the pieces go together pretty simply.
Ingulf Krestursson and Padd, front

Ingulf Krestursson and Padd, back
The Forge Guard get a metal upgrade kit for Hammerfist Drop team.  I (at least) got enough for 6 instead of 5.
Front and Back of Hammer Fist Drop Team metal upgrades
The Forge Fathers got a lot of new stuff (hard plastic Steel Warriors, Forge Guard) in Deadzone, so not much new for them.

Plague didn't get much in Deadzone (except for the Aberration - so not is the debut of the new hard plastic 3rd Gen sprue.  This makes 5 3rd Gen 'Ghouls' (as opposed to the 3rd Gen 'Zombies' that are already available), a plague dog and a mortar (with bits to make the mortar crew) and all the weapon options that they can take.
Plague 3rd Gen 'Ghoul' Sprue front
Once again the legs are pre-clipped (as is the body with the long coat).  Also, like the other infantry sprues, it really needs a guide as to what each of the weapons are.
Plague 3rd Gen 'Ghoul' Sprue back
The plague special character Subject 901
Subject 901 front

Subject 901 back
The plague are now getting types of each of the generations. 3rd Gens have Ghouls and Zombies, Second gen has Leapers (the existing restic 2nd gen) and now Bursters.  1st Gen has the Aberration and the Plague Lord.

The bursters are nasty, virulent bloated beasts that explode when killed - spraying the enemy with contagious ichor, infecting them and adding to the contagion.
Bursters front
This looks like a great kit to me.  Two bodies, four heads, three pairs of legs, and three of each left and right arm.  The arms all are flat joins, so any can go on either body.  (It did not seem that all three legs would fit both bodies though).  With this much variety you may never have to field the exact same model twice.
Bursters back
While the bursters are fairly straightforward, the new Plague Murderbirds are anything but.  A huge number of pieces, and once more no guide to how they are supposed to go together from Mantic.
Murderbirds front
I did find a nice blog entry on putting these together - when I assemble mine I plan to use it just to avoid the headaches of attempting to figure these out on my own.
Murderbirds back
The Veer-myn got an upgrade kit to make Creepers from the Nightcrawler/Stalker sprue.  I like that it has two heads that are NOT wearing the standard gas mask helmet.  I don't like there are only two - as these look like they would be very useful to convert Veer-Myn into Ratkin for Kings of War.
Creeper metal upgrades, front

Creeper Metal Upgrades, back
The Veer-Myn character is Hacker Half-Tail.  He is actually a creeper - and is all one piece.
Hacker Half-Tail front

Hacker Half-Tail back
It was a little disappointing that the Veer-Myn battle group does not include any new models other than Hacker Hafl-Tail.  There are a couple of new add-ons however.  The tunnel runner won't ship until wave 2, but the Tangle (with Malignus Bodyguard) did come in wave 1.
Veer-Myn Tangle front
It took a bit of fiddling to see how this might go together - one thing to remember is on the side pieces, the pieces of wood stick up and out on the sides - the flatter, wide pieces go underneath.  So a little fiddling and you will see how it goes together.
Veer-Myn Tangle back
The GCPS get Major Loren Chard as their special character - again a one piece model.
GCPS Major Loren Chard - front

GCPS Major Loren Chard - back
The GCPS Major-General model is a metal model that is not new, though I did not yet have it.  He does come with a choice of  arms.
Major General

Major General
What is most interesting was pointed out to me by my son - who found that they reused the body for this sculpt when they created the Coach Ronnie figures (available via Mantic Points)
Ronnie v Major General
I guess it fits - as Ronnie is the Major General of Mantic after all :-)

The GCPS are pretty much are getting a full refresh.  The marines were available in restic, but have now been replaced with a hard plastic sprue.

GCPS Trooper sprue front
Again the legs are separate (this saves a LOT of warehouse space apparently) and has a huge amount of weapon options, which should match the options available in the game.
GCPS Trooper sprue back
The heavy weapons team are a metal upgrade to a trooper sprue.  It looks like one set has enough bits to make 2 weapon teams (unfortunately there are 4 heavy weapon team options to choose from).

Heavy Weapons upgrade front
Unlike the plague mortar, these are not equipment upgrades but full teams.  However in the pictures in the book, it shows two models and a weapon on a 60mm base.  These are still classified as infantry however, which says there are 5 models in a team.  
Heavy Weapons upgrade back
I'd like to see this addressed in a FAQ, that the weapon team is only three models (like Asterian Cyphers).

Speaking of Asterians, their special character is Ten'ur Go
Ten'ur go front

Ten'ur Go back
Asterians finally get some hard plastic love - for their base troopers, the Marionette.  In addition to making 5 marionettes, you are also able to make a drone upgrade for the team (there are four varieties of drone).
Asterian Marrionate sprue, front
I expect we will also finally see some of these in Deadzone as well.
Asterian Marrionate sprue, back
And that my friends, are the new 'stuff' in the kickstarter.  Well except for vehicles, and those are all in wave 2.  Except again for the Interceptor - but that is a post for later.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Just to clarify, you get a set of 6 Hammerfist upgrade parts because there are 6 Forge Guard bodies on the sprue - 5 regular ones, and the Huscarl. The Hammerfist head bit in the bottom left corner of the photo looks fancier than the others, so I'd say that's meant to be your Hammerfist Huscarl.

  2. Thanks very much for the link to my blog post on how to assemble the Murderbirds :)

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