On a pale horse

One of the things Mantic is concentrating on is working with their retailers.  With so much of their games kickstarted, many retailers don't want to carry the line, with the thought (whether it is accurate or not) that people already have everything, so they don't want to risk carrying it.

With the new The Walking Dead, All Out War line, Mantic has intentionally left several of the popular characters out of the kickstarter, making them "retailer exclusives".  

The "Prelude to Woodbury" expansion is actually a single player stand alone set - it includes Brian Blake before he becomes the Govenor, and five walkers.
Window retail box
Inside the box you get the models, a set of dice, exclusive solo mode event cards, equipment and item cards.  All of the Walking Dead line uses the vacu-formed  plastic trays to hold all the components - including some extra space for tokens once punched from the cardstock.
Prelude to Woodbury Tray
Of course there are the rules, a condensed set to get you started. These include three solo scenarios.
Cardstock terrain, markers and template

The other cardstock counters.

Equipment and item cards

Walker card, Character card, and solo event cards

What people really want - two walkers and Brian Blake in the middle.
out of the box
and painted
The other three walkers
out of the box
and painted
There are also two boosters - the first of which is Morgan.  This gives you Morgan and his son Duane, as well as his 'walkerfied' wife.  These models are actually used in the "Days Gone By" expansion in some of the scenarios there.

Duane, Morgan and his wife
out of the box
and painted
Character and equipment cards

The final booster is Rick on Horse - which is exactly what it says.  It also includes a walker and a few equipment cards

The Rick on Horse model may be one of the best in the line so far.  The bag of guns is the same bag you get in the kickstarter (or the kickstarter booster), and of course he still has his hat (because he hasn't found Carl, Lori, Shane and the rest of the survivors yet).
out of the box
and painted
The character cards are for scenarios in "Days gone by", with the horse being a piece of equipment with its own rules (including being able to sacrifice the horse to take all the damage in a round, leaving rick on foot).

And with these all of the first wave is out - several of the individual boosters won't be on the web store for a while, but some retailers already have them.

The one thing with the nice vacu-formed trays is as soon as you go beyond the single box, they get in the way more than help.  They don't allow for consolidating any of the expansions into a single box, even though the kickstarter box should be more than big enough to hold everything.

Because it is all fun and games . . .