In case you missed it

Mantic has been posting a few new pictures lately.

The most exciting was the design sketch for the new versions of the Elf Drakon Riders.  These have been unavailable for several years, and the old versions were, well they were, in my opinion, some of the worst models Mantic ever put out.  (Though the Vampire on Undead Pegasus is probably worse.)

Drakon Riders concept art
While some people have complained about the look of the Mantic elves - I actually like it.  I don't like the shield molded onto the body of the spearmen / archers - as it means that all the plastic archers are just standing there holding their bows instead of more dynamic shooting poses (or if you really have to have more dynamic ones - you can always get the really old metal archers).  But I like what they are doing.  It is nice to see them keeping a similar look - a little digging shows the concept sketches for the Stormwind Cavalry
Stormwind Cavalry concept art
The other new pictures Mantic has put out lately are for the new Dreadball teams funded in the DB2 kickstarter.

Matsudo Tectonics Matsudan Team

Draconis All-Stars Robot Team

Ninth Moon Tree Sharks Yndij Team
We are just missing the New Eden Revenants Cyborg team that was funded by add-ons after the kickstarter closed (see update #19)  (though they have yet to update the graphic on the kickstarter page to reflect this).  Unfortunately I don't think that Elmer & Dobs got funded - a big disappointment as I really liked this.

Because it is all fun and games . . .