well senor, sometimes the bull, he wins

I guess this is part three of my "speed painting The Walking Dead" series.  Looking at the walkers and survivors, I really like how they came out - a bit stylized but that is a good thing.

All that was left was the cars, barricades and loot markers.  So as Meatloaf sang back in 1977, two out of three ain't bad.  

So the rest of the 'stuff' is 'done'.  Maybe it was because I so enjoyed doing the washes for the other models (really, I liked painting them and I have said for a long time that I hate painting humans). Maybe it was just the time pressure to get them done, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was just going back to my 'old style' of direct painting, I don't know.

They came out ok, and will be fine for a tabletop game - which, after all, is my goal.

So first the cars.  I started on the blue one with 'normal' paint but then realized that I should spray it, so I did along with the others.  I just noticed that I have the 'streaks' on the blue car backward - at least I can fix that.  I used dry rust pigment around the damage.  

The trucks are similar - it occurred to me to paint a bed liner in one (and rust in the bed of the other) after seeing a truck on the street on the way home.  I wish they didn't have the lights on the top - it would have made more sense to just have plain trucks, which I painted them as instead of cop trucks - but still have those lights on top.

Then the barricades.  I took shots of each of pairs, then turned them both around to show both sides. I put some graffiti on them to 'spice' them up a bit.

ok, this is more based on the tv show where Maggie leaves signs for Glen to go to Terminus, but what the hell
Steel riot barriers, junk and traffic barrels

Then tires, more wood, and a glass panel.  I really was not sure what to do with the glass.

Then the markers.  They are kind of meh as well

The rest of the markers, including the initiative marker (sheriff's badge)

Since I did it before, I figured one last shot of the kickstarter box with EVERYTHING painted.
Top Tray

Bottom Tray
So as I write this up, I leave for my daughter's wedding tomorrow (a ten hour drive according to Google maps - so I expect more like 12 with food, bathroom and gas stops).  I have a game night at work two days after I get back, then a demo at a store two days after that.  At least I don't have to worry about these any more.

Though as I think about it, this is only the second kickstarter where I have gotten everything in the first wave painted (the other was Dreadball Xtreme way back when).  So that is a good thing.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Fantastic job, Mike. I particularly like the detail around the car damage - really nice.

    Again, congratulations on your daughter's wedding.


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