Just when you thought the campaigning was over

Back in July the first US Kings of War Campaign Day took place (what, you don't remember my blog posts before and after)?  It went so well that we are doing it again!

Join your fellow Kings of War fanatics for the 2nd annual campaign day on January 14th, 2017!  All you need to participate is at least 2 players and a place to play - it can be as small as your home game table or you can take over a store!  Mantic headquarters is even getting in on the action.

So what is the US Kings of War InterNational Campaign Day?  It is basically a chance for a bunch of people (originally in the US, but now internationally) to all play a bunch of Kings of War at the same time.

Last time we had 140 players in over 30 locations spread across 5 countries, and this time we want it to be even bigger!

To make it easier for international players, the event has been broken down into three regions - Australia, UK and US.  Each region has four games that affect the rest.  You aren't restricted to just your region if you want to go all out though - you could go for 12 games over 24 hours if you choose (and are crazy enough to try).

Each location will have a location leader, who is responsible for getting results in on time and notifying their own site of the bonuses that may apply from the results for the next game.  The schedule is set, so no slacking!

The official schedule is set for CST - so everything is one hour later here in Ohio (so it starts at 1 pm and ends at 9 pm).  (Sorry, game 3C actually starts at 3:30pm CST, not 4:30pm)

This means that here in Ohio, or schedule is:
  • 1:00 pm Game 1C: 1000 points - 1 hour (4x4 table)
    • 30 minute break (Results due in first 15 minutes)
  • 2:30 pm Game 2C: 1500 points - 1.5 hours
    • 30 minute break (Results due in first 15 minutes)
  • 4:30 pm Game 3C: 2000 points - 2 hours
    • 30 minute break (Results due in first 15 minutes)
  • 7:00 pm Game 4C: 1500 points - 1.5 hours
    • 30 minutes to report results for next round (or to announce the winner at the end)
  • 9:00 pm - Final Results revealed

For those of you who want to put a little more "flavor" into your Kings of War armies, there is something special this year.  When playing a game in the event, players will add a custom Living Legend to their army. This hero will be known as your Commander.  Everyone participating in the campaign day will be creating their own leader to bring greatness to your force!

Here are the rules for creating your Commander:
  • A custom Living Legend hero will lead each player's forces as the Commander. This unique character may be used in every game played in addition to the regular force chosen by the player and does not need to be unlocked. 
  • This Living Legend should be named.
  • Rules for creating this hero are as follows:
    • Choose a normal hero (not a current Living Legend) allowed by your main force. 
    • A unique artifact may be created by choosing up to two artifacts allowed in the main rule book. The rules for those two artifacts are combined into a single artifact which is given a new name for the Living Legend. The cost of the one or two artifacts chosen are added to the cost of the hero. This does not restrict the use of those artifacts by other units in the main army force. 
    • Any upgrades normally allowed by the basic hero chosen may also be chosen by this Living Legend. 
    • The Living Legend is given a stat line improvement of 1 point to any stat of their choosing. The maximum Defense is 6+. The maximum Range or Melee stat is 2+. If Nerve is chosen, both the Waiver and Route values are raised by 1. This adjustment has no point value when calculating the value of this character. 
    • The maximum total point value allowed for this Living Legend is 200 points.
So prepare your army, gird your loins for battle and prepare to drive your enemies before you, their women ready for many lamentations.

Because it is all fun and games . . .