December SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

The weather is finally acting like it should for this time of year, meaning everyone is starting to snuggle down to stay warm - so what better way than playing games and painting miniatures.

Wave 1 of the Walking Dead is out, and retailers are stocked for you to pick up copies.  I'll be hosting another demo / learn to play The Walking Dead event on December 15th at Epic Loot starting at 6 pm.  Come on down and give the game a try!

Now that the Mantic fall Open day is over, they are getting ready to ship wave 1 of the Warpath kickstarter, and hopefully most of us will have it before Christmas (talk about a nice present).

Kings of War has gotten some nice releases this fall, but is taking a slight break while TWD and Warpath get some love.  The rules committee is hard at work on new supplements however, including a book on running events with suggested scenarios and tournament changes for the next year.

The Gem City Massacre was a huge success, with 15 paying players (and one bald ringer) taking over the miniature room at Epic Loot for some great games.  Congratulations to Dan Payne who won it with his tough Nightstalker army.  I've already started thinking about how we can make this even bigger next year.

The historical escalation league has just finished its first build month - congrats to everyone who got their 300 pts painted in time.  If you didn't - you have December to catch up as the league takes a break for the Christmas season.  300 pt games start in January though, so be ready!

Last year we had the first ever International Kings of War Campaign day.  It was a lot of fun, and we are doing it again on January 14th (I am still locking down a place to play).  Four games run simultaneously across the country, with the first game starting at 1 pm and final results in by 9 pm.

In February, Daycon is premiering, and we will be having a small Kings of War tournament there.  Keep watching this space for more information.

Of course the end of March is the first annual Kings of War Masters Tournament (formally titled as the Skirmish Supremacy GT).  This has been moved to Nashville due to issues with the hotel in Atlanta (but it is 4 hours closer to us!).  

The weekend after that I will be back in Nashville for the 2nd annual Manticon.  Once again we will have the 'mulligan' game on Friday, then four rounds on Saturday.  If you are staying for Sunday, look for a fast and furious campaign in a day to finish off the weekend.

And right on the heels of that comes Adepticon!  Registraton is currently open at, and there are still slots available for all the Mantic events.  

It is not too late to sign up to help out at Origins next summer.  We can always use more people - and you can get your badge for half off if you help with a couple of events.

If you want something different - the 2nd edition of Dreadball is currently in a public playtest.  This is your chance to try the new rules and give feedback to the rules committee - who knows, you may even invent a new rule for the game (our own Kara Brown is the one who created Firebolt for Kings of War!).  You can download the latest playtest information at (click on the surveys link to go to dropbox and download everthing).

I'm still flailing away at that blog thing - check it out for pictures of new releaes, tournament reports and whatever I can think of twice a week.

Have a great holiday season and the Merriest of Christmases.  This is a great time to stay indoors and play games with your family.  I will see you all next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Mike Carter
Your friendly local Mantic pathfinder:


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