As if you weren't wet enough

Through my exacting research methods as well as the vast network of spies and informants ( i.e. I got it from the Mantic web page ) comes the next wave of releases for Kings of War.  Many of these were revealed as in progress just before the open day last month, but now preorders are up on the web store.

Yes, the Trident Realms of Neritica are coming in February.  The army deals will start shipping February 10th (just in time for Valentine's day), and individual sets are soon to follow.

Trident Realm of Meritica Starter Army - $89.99
This set contains 54 plastic and metal miniatures, including:

  • 40 multi-part Plastic Naiad Heartpiercers or Ensnarers
  • 10 multi-part Metal Riverguard (NEW)
  • 3 Metal Water Elementals (NEW)
  • 1 multi-part Metal Naiad centurion/Envoy with Alternate Components (NEW)

Ok, I can't get excited about the Naiad's, as this hard plastic kit came out from the KoW II kickstarter with the Forces of Nature army.  Beautiful hard plastic kits - and that weird piece with the legs sticking out is a net holding a human - it attaches to one of the Naiad hands holding a net.
Naiad Ensnarers

Naid Heartpiercers
I can get excited about the Riverguard though.  Unfortunately these are metal, meaning they are both very heavy as well as a bit more expensive ( more and more I want to go and slap those people who used to complain about restic ).  Five unique poses - and I hope that these are flexible enough to do simple things like arm swaps to keep them interesting.
What has me the most excited are the water elementals.  More than big ocean waves of water with a vague head and arms, these (to me, of course) seem to be much more summoned to land - and they just happened to bring along some of the sea life with them.  Splashing on rocks, with fish (and even an octopus) being carried along, these seem to have much more life to them, and I look forward to getting these for a Neritican demo army.
water elemental 1

water elemental 2

water elemental 3
Also included in the starter army is the Naiad Centurion / Envoy character, with parts to make either of these heroes for your watery forces.
Naiad Centurion / Envoy

 Of course there is also the Mega Army - more than a thousand points to really get you started.
Mega Force - $149.99
This set contains 78 plastic and metal miniatures, including:

  • 50 Multi-part Plastic Naiad Heartpiercers or Ensnarers
  • 10 Multi-part Metal Riverguard (NEW)
  • 10 Multi-part Metal Thuul (NEW)
  • 3 Multi-part Metal Gigas (NEW)
  • 1 Multi-part Metal Leviathan's Bane with crew (NEW)
  • 1 Multi-part Metal Thuul Mythican (NEW)
  • 1 Multi-part Metal Riverguard Captain (NEW)
The Gigas are giant crabs whose claws can break through even the strongest of armor, and with the Big Shield rule they are very hard to damage, though you have to guard their flanks.

 The Leviathan's Bane is a harpoon gun, strong enough to wound anything in the game on a 2!
Leviathan's Bane
In the deep parts of the ocean live creatures that haunt our nightmares.  Inspired by the greatest of the old ones, the Thuuls are sure to haunt your dreams.  I don't know if the sculptor has seen "Stranger Things" (and if you haven't already, you should, it is fantastic) but the one on the far right sure makes me think of the Demogorgon.
Thuuls - because who needs to sleep anyway?
Of course the Thuul have to have a spellcaster, just to make your nightmares complete
Thuul Mythican
 The riverguard get a hero as well.
Riverguard Captain
Personally, I'm a little disappointed that the mega army doesn't include the Water Elementals, as it would be nice to get ALL of the new stuff together.  <sarcasm> Yet another example of how Mantic is a money-hungry corporation, just out to take all of our hard earned gaming dollars </sarcasm> Which means, of course, that I may have to buy even more!  (So which will be a better deal - a starter + Gigas + Thuuls + Leviathan's Bane + Thuul Mythican, or a mega + Water Elementals and possibly the Naiad Envoy (or convert one).  Hard to say without the rest of the prices - and no matter what I'll end up with way more Naiads than I will need.

Because it is all fun and games . . .