and the first month is history

With the first build month of our new Kings of War : Historical escalation league now complete, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to be able to put up some actual painted miniatures (for once - it seems like forever since I actually finished anything).  Now most of these are NOT mine (two of them are painted by me), but you might enjoy them anyway.

The first build month is 300 points.  For each build you must be within 10% of the total (allowing, this month, for 30 points in Veteran Abilities)

Of course I'm going to start with mine though!

I'm building Romans for my army, so for my 300 points I am taking two regiments of Heavy Warriors ( Legionaries ), one upgraded with Testudo (gaining Foulkon(2)) and the other with Rotate Ranks (gaining Iron Resolve).  Can you guess which unit is which?

Legionaries w/Testudo

from the back


from the back
The one thing I wasn't thinking about as I built these however is I didn't actually take the Pilum upgrade on these even though I liked them and used the arms with them.  When I realized that put the last two (which I ran out of pilum arms for) armed with short swords.   (another minor detail - many of these are missing the sword from their scabbard - because they should be using it!  They are going in the middle of the unit :-) ).  These use the same bodies as the Praetorian Guard[1] - had I been paying attention I would have swapped them out so the PG all had their swords sheathed while the Legionaries would all have their swords out and empty scabbards.

Next up are my friend Jim's Crusaders - I'm using his Basilean models for these.

His list is a troop of Crossbowmen, a regiment of Heavy Warriors (exchanging shields for 2HW) (paladins), and a troop of Penitents (nuns)


from the back

Regiment of Heavy Warriors

from the back


From the back
Felix Castro is fairly new to our little Kings of War group - and he seems to be our resident historian! He choose vikings as his list, with a regiment of spearmen, a regiment of warriors and a general.  He did something that I found interesting, and actually pretty cool and a great idea.  We have all had issues with miniatures that don't quite fit on their bases - weapons that hang over and keep you from actually moving into 'base to base' contact.  Spears (and cavalry lances) are a classic example of this.

Felix used the multi-basing rules to allow for 15 models in his regiment - and then left the front row empty - well except for those long pointy sticks!  So he has room for his unit to actually come in contact with the units they charge.  This is the first I've seen this, and I like it!



Finally, Keith Ambrose also got his vikings in - his list is a regiment of Huscarls, a troop of archers, and a general.

more vikings
This means that 4 people have gotten their 300 pt builds done on time, which is just at 50% of those who have said they are participating.  This league is struggling because of timing, but I hope everyone else catches up.

I look forward to seeing more and bigger armies (ok, I'm afraid to play the Indians - those war elephants scare me!).

Because it is all fun and games . . .