November SW Ohio Mantic Pathfinder News

Wow.  I step outside and it is hard to believe it is November.  But then I see all the campaign signs and am glad it is almost over.  November is, of course, about Thanksgiving, and I won't be more thankful than when all the politicians crawl back under their rocks and we can get on with our lives without constant bombardment from them.

The big news right now is The Walking Dead : All Out War.  Mantic has said that all the single copy kickstarter shipments have gone out - lets hope it doesn't take 5 weeks like the demo set did.  The official retail release is Monday, November 7th.  There are a small number of kickstarter versions available on the website for pre-order, as well as pre-orders for some of the retailer exclusive boosters - Morgan & Duane, Rick on Horseback, and the "Prelude to Woodbury" with the Governor himself!

Mantic is taking this week to get the line set up, and have said they will start shipping Wave 1 of the Warpath kickstarter. This one could be big folks!  So if you don't hear from me this month, it is because I'm buried under minis!

Speaking of shipping, it looks like most of us got caught under the mail snail, and are just now getting in the miniatures for the historical league.  Because no one was really able to get their force started in October, I have pushed the escalation league back a month.  Check the webpage for the new schedule.  December is still free play - as there is so much going on during that month.  So get those Romans, Vikings and Barbarians painted and ready to go on Friday nights.  If anyone is interested in participating that can't make the occasional Friday night, let me know and we can see about having a Saturday thrown in as well.

The Star Saga kickstarter finished up last month, and they expect the pledge manager to be open before the end of the year (but to stay open for at least a few months, so you can wait and use your Christmas money on it).  If you missed it, and want to get in a late pledge, the pm is where to do it.

The Gem City Massacre is a go on November 12th - we already have 12 confirmed players (and a few more talking about it).  Deadline to turn in your lists for the sportsmanship points is November 6th at midnight (send to this email address) - but we won't turn people away.  Check out all the details (and the new, updated tournament pack (now actually including the CoK comp rules that I was telling people it did) at .  Epic Loot is ordering some of the new October releases to have available there - so if you were eyeing those earth elementals, or wanting the wyrm riders you should be able to pick them up there.

The Dreadball II pledge manager just closed - I hope you got yours filled out.  Of course now it is just the long wait.

The plague have re-invaded Deadzone, and as such they have gone radio silent for now.  

One of the big events in the US for Mantic each year is Adepticon, and 2017 is no exception.  Mantic has finally decided that there is enough interest (and enough of us pathfinders) to actually run multiple events at once.  This is good as it shows growth, but bad in that you can no longer play ALL of their events.  They are having a Dreadball championship again. and also a Deadzone tournament.  They are also doing a set of Deadzone speeder races - can you earn you spot in the final round?  For Kings of War fans there is a LOT going on - the team tournament is back on Thursday.  Friday you have your choice - there is a Historical tournament, as well as a lighter, 'fun' campaign in a day.  Saturday and Sunday are the North American Clash of Kings Championship, and we are hoping to double the attendance again this year.  Check out for all the information.  Badges are now much cheaper, but you have to purchase the swag bag (so at least if they are sold out you are no longer paying for it).  Registration begins on November 21st.

It is still eight months away, but we are already working on the games the Ohio War Kings will be running at Origins next year.  If you want to help out, you can earn a discounted badge for just helping with two events (about a total of 4 hours), and if you are willing to work more you can even earn a free badge.  Email me if you are interested in helping out (or even if you want to run something yourself in our area!).

Keep checking my blog - it is full of pictures and more mantic musings, as well as hobby tips and even the occasional gaming information that isn't Mantic related (*shock*).

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Mike Carter
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