Black Friday is coming!

It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway) that Black Friday is a big deal for retailers.  For those who have not heard of this, it is the day after Thanksgiving here in America, which is one of the biggest shopping days of the year (the last Saturday before Christmas is actually the biggest).  It gets it's name because traditionally a lot of retailers operate in 'the red' (i.e. losing money) until this day, at which point they finally make a profit for the year.  Whether this is true or not is actually immaterial, it is still a huge shopping day with huge sales.

Mantic, even though it is a UK based company (and as such does not celebrate Thanksgiving (though I can see them being quite thankful for getting rid of those colonial gits)) of course wants to jump on the band wagon.  Their webstore will have some special deals of course (especially since they are having their open day on Saturday the 26th), but this year they are doing some special RETAIL ONLY sales.  There are some great bargains to be had if you are looking to build a new army, or want to give a new army to that special friend of yours for Christmas.

I want to state again, these are RETAIL ONLY.  You cannot get them online.  So if you want these, head to your FLGS (that is Friendly Local Game Store) and have them order them for you (I don't expect many stores to stock these).

So lets start with a great discount (over 35% off) on some of Mantic's boxed games

Mars Attacks & DreadBall Xtreme Reg $79.99 BF Special $49.99

Mars Attacks & DreadBall Xtreme core games will be reduced by $30 during this promotion (MGMA01 and MGDBX01).

A chance to try a new game at $30 off
If you haven't picked up the Kings of War rulebooks yet (and it is about time you stop borrowing your friends and get your own copy), they have a great bundle deal on all of them.

Kings of War Rulebook Bundle
Reg $109.99 BF Special $89.99

This bundle will include Kings of War Gamer’s Edition (MGKW05), Kings of War
Historical (MGKW10), Uncharted Empires (MGKW07) and Destiny of Kings (MGKW09)

All the Kings of War softback books $20 off
Even more than the books, they are putting EVER mega-force set on sale.  The normal great deal gets even better.

King of War Mega-Force SetsReg $174.99 - Black Friday Special $149.99

All Kings of War mega-force sets will be reduced by $25 during this promotion.
Any mega-force - $50.00 off
Sometimes you just want something more specific (instead of the mega-forces).  Mantic has put together some great deals to help boost some of your forces.

Mhorgoth’s Blight
BF Special $249.99

This custom Kings of War deal will include 6x Zombie Swarm (MGKWU33), Undead
Necromancer (MGKWU102) and Mhorgoth the Faceless (MGKWU90)
**$60 Retail Savings**
240 zombies!

Rotgut’s Regenerating Rabble
BF Special $119.99

This custom Kings of War deal will include 5x Troll Regiment (MGKWO19-1)
and 1x Troll Bruiser (MGKWG103)
** $50 Retail Savings**
15 trolls!

Abyssal Incursion
BF Special $179.99

This custom Kings of War deal will include 3x Hordes of Lower Abyssal (MGKWA102),
2x Abyssal Efreet (MGKWA106) and 1x Archfiend of the Abyss (MGKWA107)
**$50 Retail Savings**
120 lower abyssals!

The Heavens Descend
BF Special $149.99

This custom Kings of War deal includes 5x Elohi Regiments (MGKWB13-1),
Jullius (MGKWB72-1) and Samacris (MGKWB73-1)
**$50 Retail Savings**
15 Elohi

Hearts of Fire & Stone
BF Special $149.99

This custom Kings of War deal will include 5x Dwarf Ironclad Regiments (MGKWD21-1),
3x Dwarf Ironbelcher Cannon (MGKWD14-1) and 1x Dwarf King (MGKWD76-1)
** $50 Retail Savings**
100 dwarfs
Remember, that eBay seller that may give you a discount DOESN'T have tables to play on nor help to sponsor local events.  So go out and support your FLGS.

Because it is all fun and games . . .