Ready and Waiting

James Tandy posted up a bunch of pictures from the Mantic Game Day this past Saturday on the Mantic Madness Facebook group - and I thought I'd steal them and put them up here (because that is what I do).

The first wave of the Warpath kickstarter is getting closer and closer to shipping - they are still expecting it to go this month.

And some of the new vehicles (and a few other models) are pretty cool, and have been seen at the Mantic Game Day.

So we'll start with the enforcers

Then the GCPS

Forge Fathers love their tanks

Veer-Myn prefer to tunnel up from underground

The asterians had both ships and the new plastic models on display

And while the plague doesn't have any of their own vehicles, they had a little bit of love as well

Lastly - Mantic has just added an organized play kit for Deadzone.  It contains tournament rules, a score sheet, 16 character cards (new leader / art print), exclusive champion 1st place prize, and 3 mantic point models for awards.  The exclusive leader is Captain Frank Black

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. The Enforcer stuff (and some of the other stuff) seems a bit GWish. Mantic are big boys now and a bit more originality would be good. Nice looking stuff, though.


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