Does this look infected to you?

This past summer the Deadzone 2 kickstarter shipped giving us all sorts of new toys, including new, cleaner, faster and deadlier rules.  Every faction got newly repackaged starter and booster sets (including the brand new Veer-Myn) - with Mantic moving away from the specialized boosters to making just the one starter and booster for every army.  Well, every army except for one.  But that is soon to be corrected.

The wait plague players is almost over.  We can call October plague month as there is a plethora of new releases for the infected.

Deadzone: Nexus Psi Expansion - MGDZM35 - £34.99/€49.99/$59.99
The biggest is the edition of the Nexus Psi expansion. This is a supplement that includes the Nexus Psi campaign for Deadzone, as well as the solo play rules updated for 2nd edition.  Not only does this include the book, but it als includes 2 sprues of plague zombies, a new (exclusive) metal Dr. Symmonds model, and 8 sprues of terrain ( 2 Urban 1, 1 Urban 3, 1 landing pad A, 1 defense line A, 1 defense line B, 1 Expansion A and 1 Expansion B) and connectors.

Right now neither the book nor Dr Symmonds will be available separately (though the book may eventually be available via Mantic Digital at some point) - so if you want it you have to get it here.

In addition the Plague are finally getting their redone starter and booster for Deadzone.  This includes a 1A, six 2A (2 of each pose), 2 sprues (10) of plague zombies (3Z) and 2 of the new sprues of 3A (which include a plague dog).  So 29 miniatures in all.
Plague Faction Starter - MGDZP101 - £24.99/€39.99/$39.99
The plague booster takes your strike team to the next level, with another sprue of both the 3A and 3Z, as well as a Plague Teraton, Plague Aberration, Plague Swarm and a plague mortar team, for 17 total models.
Plague Faction Booster - MGDZP102 - £24.99/€39.99/$39.99

Deadzone does not exist in a vacuum, it is part of the larger Warpath Universe.  And just like the other actions, the Plague are getting separate sets to boost their numbers for the upcoming Warpath release. So if you don't want everything in a starter or booster you can pick up the individual sets.

The 3rd gen Troopers box comes with 4 of the new sprues - each one can make five 3A and a plague dog, and I believe there are even parts for a mortar on it.
Plague 3rd Gen. Troopers - MGWPP301 - £17.99/€24.99/$29.99

Plague 3rd Gen. Troopers - MGWPP301 - £17.99/€24.99/$29.99
The plague zombies box comes with four sprues of sci-fi zombies - enough to make 20 miniatures (well, if you feel they have to have ALL their body parts.  They are zombies after all - and what horde of zombies isn't complete without at least one crawler without legs trying to make it across the table (and that then gives you some wandering legs to use - the conversion possibilities are endless!). With Halloween coming up who doesn't need more zombies?
Plague Zombies - MGWPP302 - £17.99/€24.99/$29.99
With the plague, bigger is definitely better.  So of course you need more of the big guys.  Now you can pick up a set of 6 2nd gen mutants.  These have to be some of the friendliest models you can field - one of them just wants a big hug, and another is like a big puppy waiting to be petted.  And the enthusiasm of the third model - jumping over the fence just to get some love when he sees you - these are just like my dogs when I get home from work. 
my big sweeties (Devo and Tip) - just waiting for me to come home from work so they can once more try to lick me death
Ok, so my dogs are not giant, mutated, infectious killing machines  - but you know what I mean.
Plague 2nd Gen Mutants - MGWPP303 - £14.99/€24.99/$24.99
You want still bigger - well the plague 1st gen is once again available.  A powerful (if slow) leader for your forces, he is a combat powerhouse as well.
Plague 1st Gen Mutant - MGWPP202 - £9.99/€14.99/$19.99
If he isn't big enough for you - the Aberration is also available separately.  This beast is just huge combat monstrosity - if you see one of these headed for your strike team shoot it first - because once it gets into combat then it's opponents have a very bad day.
Plague Aberration - MGWPV303 - £12.49/€19.99/$19.99
If have more pictures of this model in all its plastic glory here.

This is not it for new releases in October - as Mantic is releasing 7 new models/kits for Kings of War as well.  I don't have any new pictures (you can see what I have here (though there is one new bit of (unfortunately not good) news - the release price of the Naiad Wyrmriders has been set (a little higher than originally estimated unfortunately) - £29.99/€39.99/$49.99.  

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Do I get a discount for my original Nexus PSI? And what ever happened to that Mantic Digital version of Deadzone I purchased? Not the PDF version. The one with updates for corrected rules?

  2. Nexus Pi being the core of the book is a bit disappointing. I got that 1st time round and wasn't hugely impressed - played it through for 3 games and found it had the usual flaw of most poor campaigns in that when 1 side got ahead it became unassailable.

    The new plastic sprues look nice though.

  3. Does Nexus psi contain army list for Dr Symmonds also? any other goodies?


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