Bow to the Tyrant

The Tyrant of Halpi is the final expansion for Dungeon Saga funded by the initial kickstarter.  (Let's hope it is not the last one period - it would be great for Mantic to continue to produce these every three-four months or so WITHOUT relying on kickstarter)

As usual, I don't have the retail version (nobody does at this point :-) ), so while it will come in a book-box I can just assume the cover will be the same as the Quest Book cover.

Speaking of which, this is the same high quality glossy book as all the others.  It has all the new rules for using the dragon as well as it's minions.
Quest Book
Of course it includes an Ovetrlord Panel.  The dragon doesn't get his own hero card because there simply aren't enough minions to fill the Overlord panel, so they just combined them.  And yes, the dragon has 10 wounds.

I find it interesting that like the Return of Valendor expansion, this uses monster models from the original set - grouped into three types of Thralls.  Zombies and the unarmored skeleton are the base thralls, while the armored zombie, revenant and skeleton with shied are the Armored Thralls.  Lastly the banshee and the ghosts are the Ancient Thralls.  So obviously this is not just six games against the dragon.
Overlord Panel
Of course there are new heroes - Ally the thief and Ibrahim the paladin.
New Hero Cards
The other two heroes reuse Rordin and Danor as Tharn and Brellin - similar figures but slightly different cards and progression through the adventure.
New cards for existing heroes
Of course which such a huge centerpiece - you need some correspondingly huge tiles.  The dragon miniature takes up 9 squares - so you definitely need a big room for him - and this one is filled with gold and treasures.
A single tile that is 11" x 8"
Some new counters (now with a thief you can have locks for the thief to pick).
More new large tiles
And a few new spell counters as well.  Personally I have yet to see the need for spell counters for multiple types - but perhaps if you had a very magic heavy party going in you might.
The third of the new tile sets
Of course there are new cards.  The most interesting are the dragon attack cards - describing the three different attacks the dragon has in addition to his 'normal' attack.  The dragon can choose to use one of these special attacks instead of his normal one - the only restriction is that he cannot use the same card twice in a row (much like the more powerful spells).
New Cards - Overlord, Dragon Attack, Songs, Spells, Items, Abilities

New Locations, Events and Uncharted Dungeon cards
Of course new plastic heroes.
Ally and Ibrahim (sorry not the greatest picture)
But everyone is here for the dragon.  Mantic has made great use of this model, not only in this Dungeon Saga adventure, but with alternate necks/heads for Elves, Basileans and even (with a metal neck/head) Abyssal Dwarfs.
Of course, the Tyrant of Halpi itself

I love this dragon

You do have to glue the wings on however
Truly a huge model - here you can see the adventures next to it just to give you proper scale.
Lastly, as scale shot vs the heroes for the game
Edit - I have just heard that this has been pushed back to an October release (instead of September).  I guess it is kind of hard to release this when the supplier doesn't get it to you in time.

Because it is all fun and games . . .