And here they are

Mantic announced their releases for October a few weeks ago, but did not yet have any pictures.

Well they have started to trickle out of the studio.

First up are the new Tortured Souls for the Forces of the Abyss.  You get nine metal models (and 3 40mm bases) in what appear to be three poses.  I'd like to see these actual models to know if how 'flexible' the kits are (are they one piece models, or the arms and heads separate to give some variability to the kit?)  Unfortunately no where have I seen the description "multi-part" for these, so I believe they if you want repose them it might take a little bit of green stuff and skill.
MGKWA301 - Forces of the Abyss - Tortured Souls $29.99

MGKWA301 - Forces of the Abyss - Tortured Souls $29.99
The Abyss also gets Hellhounds.  These are five multi-part metal models

MGKWA302 - Forces of the Abyss - Hellhounds $29.99

                MGKWD201 - Dwarf Stone Priest - $10.99
 If you are a stunty fan, then you get a new hero with the Stone Priest.  Like they have done with most of the new hero models, it has alternate parts so you aren't stuck with just a single mono-pose.
Usable in Dwarf or Forces of Nature, the Earth Elementals are coming.  3 Metal models - I like the crystals that tie them into the Greater Earth Elemental (as well as the 'gems' in their chests).  I'm planning on getting a set of these to replace my old Rackham models in my demo army.
MGKWN403 - Earth Elemental Regiment - $34.99
Ok, to be honest I wanted to lead with these - as of all the new releases I think these are the absolute dead sexiest.  However the pictures of these came out and have been all over Facebook already  I also plan on getting a set of these for my nature demo army (thus making it 100% Mantic models).
MGKWN402 - Naiad Wyrmriders - $34.99
Because it is all fun and games . . .